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Herpes Symptoms?

Hello everybody,
I will be very thankful if you spend few minutes and support me in that moment. I will try to put the symptoms in a timeline:
Protected vaginal and unprotected oral sex with a paid girl...( Trust me, I regret that every moment since then...)
Day 2: Small pimple on my inner thigh. I didn't pay much attention to it at that time and just squeezed it out. There was a liquid inside. It took 3 weeks to completely heal and disappear. I suspected it to be  ingrown body hair but it is a millimeter from the follicle.
Day 4: I notice a red areas on the head of my penis and on the surrounding skin. I feel discomfort, a bit of burning in the area. I see some tiny red spots but they are under the skin and don't look like the classic herpes lesions.
Day 5: I have flu like symptoms including slight fever, tiredness, muscle and body aches especially in my thighs and at the back of my legs. I had these symptoms for about a week but the leg and thighs pain still continue after 4 weeks.
Day 7: I feel like my lymph node under my chin is a bit swollen. I experienced some warming sensations at the places where are the main lymph nodes- groin, back of the knees, under my arm and on my neck and chin. That lasted for few days and was rather mild but the lymph node under my chin is still a bit swollen now ( 4 week)  
I went to a doctor who told me there is not STD that can produce these symptoms( which I highly doubt base on my online research) and the redness is probably because of a yeast infection. I made PCR test for most of the STD's  and urine check and everything was negative. I took wide specter antibiotic even before the results were ready( they took one week) and some local cream for the yeast infection. The redness disappear in 4 days.
Day 20: Nerve pain in the back of the legs and inner thighs continue. Now I feel it in my buttocks as well. I have more of a dull pain.
At that time I experienced mild tingling on my legs and buttocks and also felt my skin to be more sensitive to clothes that usual but that was not localized in one place. That lasted few days and now I can hardly notice the tingling from time to time.
Day 30: I had some red areas on the same places like the last time - the penis head and the skin surrounded. I went to another doctor who told me it is irritation and prescribed me a cream. The problem is I still experience the mild nerve pain in the legs and I am sure something is not ok.
The biggest problem is that I am in a serious relationship and I need to make everything possible to protect my girlfriend...I haven't slept with her since the encounter.
I have HSV 1 in my mouth since I am a child. Can you connect these symptoms with a genital HSV 2 ? How accurate do you think will be the IGG test at 4-th and at 6-th week? The doctor found varicocele on both testicles, can that be related? Is there any hope for me that I didn't catch HSV 2 ?

Thank you in advance!
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Hi, you mention flu like symptoms which are in line with a recent herpes infection but a topical sore/sores blister type would have appeared before them so you can rule those out as herpes related but of course only testing would confirm this and taking the igg at 8 weeks would be a good indicator gut 12 weeks conclusive. varicocele  is not herpes related.
Hi, thank you very much for you answer! I am suspicious because I had that pimple on my inner thigh few days before the flu symptoms occurred. And the healing of the pimple took almost 3 weeks which seems to be very unusual.. I still have some hope that it is not herpes. Wish you all the best!
I would like to thank all of you that are supporting people in difficult situations here. You know what every person facing that issue is going through...
I just received the results from IGG tests four weeks after the encounter: HSV 1 - 20.4 ;
HSV 2 - 1.9
( but the reference values says:
negative  11) . So that means that I am positive for HSV 1 but negative for HSV 2.
I still have constant leg pains which are driving me crazy, I can't find any other logical explanation.
Reference Values:
negative  9  11
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It's not due to hsv2
Thank you for your reply!
I also have tingling sensations on my buttocks and thighs since one week after the encounter till now - 4-th week. Can that be related to the initial infection in combination with the constant dull pain in my legs? How accurate do you find the test at 4-th week taking the consideration that I already have HSV 1? Thank you!
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No. Again these are not initial symptoms.
I think I have been confusing all of you. I thought that I have these symptoms in absence of visual outbreak, but I was wrong. I noticed a rash with at least 15 red dots on my buttocks. I can't express my feelings right now. I have a serious relationship and I got that from a one night stand with a prostitute in another country. That explains all the tingling in the buttocks and the pains in the legs. The outbreak seems to be few days old. Can you tell me how to upload a picture, please?
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Go see your Dr, a dermatologist or an std clinic. How long ago was your exposure. Don't panic as this could be many things. I also told you the leg pains....etc are not primary symptoms. I still bet you did not get hsv from your exposure
Thank you for your support! I went to a dermatologist today and his opinion is that it is folliculitis. But he could give me an explanation for the pains in my legs, thigh and buttocks, neither for the tingling sensations. I feel a bit of burning in the whole buttocks area. Is there a way to upload a picture here?
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Upload it to your profile.
Hi, I would like to ask you how likely is that my primary outbreak was 2-3 days after the encounter and was one "pimple" or "sore" on my left inner thigh. It took 2-3 weeks to heal. Is it possible to have the primary outbreak there or it should be on the penis?
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If the pimple type lesions was in an area that would not have rubbed on her boxer shorts region then no chance. If it did I still think that this was not hsv.
Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately the area definitely had contact with her boxer shorts region. The pains in legs and tingling in buttocks comes and goes. I experience it every day, sometimes it is stronger and some times it is very mild. I have the feeling that my buttocks is burning. I also experienced tingling in the area where the first pimple was - on my inner left thigh. I will do the igg test tomorrow since it is 6 weeks and 3 days from the encounter. From what I read, having HSV 1 already will delay to some extend the antibodies development. Can I assume that the result will be around 70% accurate?
Can somebody help me with an answer, please....
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It should be 60-70% accurate. I again highly doubt this is hsv
Thank you! On monday it is 8 weeks since encounter so I will make another IGG and will post the results.
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You already know you are positive for HSV1. Is your girlfriend negative?
We both have oral herpes since childhood. I really hope the reason for my pains in the buttocks area and at the back side of the inner thighs is something else... They are almost constant but mild most of the time.
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