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Herpes Transmission, should I get tested?

My question concerns herpes transmission. I recently had a brief affair with a woman who told me she has genital herpes. She said she had been diagnosed years ago and hasn’t had a breakout in years, she is also on daily suppressive therapy, acyclovir. We only had sex one time and it was unprotected. This was August 1. In the time since then especially 10 days after I was hyper vigilant and anxious about inspecting my genitals. I never developed lesions, no fever, no itching.But I did notice pink discoloration around my urethra, I felt some discomfort there as well but I was checking and pulling apart area frequently. The discoloration is still there.It’s very mild and hardly noticeable. But there again I am anxious. What are your thoughts? I haven’t had sex with my wife since the encounter
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I wouldn't worry at all.

If you were in a long term relationship with her, and assuming she has genital hsv2, not genital hsv1, the chances of you getting it from her if she is on daily suppression is 2-3% a year. From a one time encounter without an outbreak, the chances are very, very low.

If I can give any man advice, it's that you don't ever need to pull your urethral opening apart to look for symptoms of anything. If you have herpes sores inside your urethra, it will hurt like crazy to pee, and if you have a discharge, you will notice it without investigating.

If you haven't had any symptoms by now, I'd move past it.
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