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Herpes Transmission

I have had HSV2 for 28 years. I take daily antiviral therapy. What are my chances of passing on my HSV2 to an uninfected male partner if he only fingers me? No visible outbreak. No sex, no oral...just fingering.
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Since you have long time experience with having hsv2 my first thought would be- you know more than I do!

However, the odds must be incredibly and impossibly low.
From my understanding herpes Whitlow is already very uncommon. That coupled with you using suppressive therapy?

I wouldn't suggest he go at it if he's got open cutts and sores on his fingers, but I'd like to imagine he might choose not to either !
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That was my thought, but I am just paranoid. All my LTRs since diagnosis have also been HSV2 positive. This is the first person I have dated who is negative. And I am so afraid of infecting him. I just want to be as safe as possible.
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A rash has appeared. This rash appeared a few months ago. Its skin color and has clear fluid. I was told it was posion ivy. When I rinse water and soap over it it feels better. However lol reading about herpes have me afraid a little. I have one sex partner. The rash is on two parts of my forearm. Does this sound more like posion ivy or herpes?
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