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Herpes Under Foreskin Taking Long to Heal

I'm pretty sure I have herpes, my swab test came back negative, but my doctor assured me it was herpes. I wanted to take a blood test but I don't think that is done in China. So I'm going to wait until I am back home for that.
However, my main concern is the healing aspect of it. I first noticed the symptoms over three weeks ago and the sores are still there. The sores are under my foreskin which I assume is a tough area to get to heal. The sores are getting bigger but are not multiplying. They are also quite hard to the touch which makes it difficult to pull back my foreskin (impossible when erect). The sores are sometimes painless, sometimes itchy, sometimes painful.
Lately I've been putting cotton in there to soak up the pus which seems to help a bit. I clean my penis and do this 3 times a day. But the sores are pretty much the same. Some days better, some days worse, sometimes they get bigger.
I've stopped having sex and masturbate only when I have to.
Am I being impatient?Is this normal for herpes under the foreskin? Will it heal soon?
Thanks for any advice in advance
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I forgot to mention they my lymph nodes on my left groing started swellin about two weeks in. They are just getting bigger and bigger,
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hi, what your describing would not appear to be a herpes outbreak at all. They heal much quicker and are not hard. Also that area is not a common place but on the shaft or pubic mound area.
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I've looked into it and I'm starting to think that I might have syphilis... although my syphilis test also came back negative. Perhaps it was too early at that stage (I had a blood test a few days after I first noticed the symptoms) I thought that it was strange that the Herpes test came back negative at such an early stage (the lesions were already open), the medication also hasn't seemed to help at all.
I'm going to the doctor again on monday, I'm getting another test done.  
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