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Herpes bite in lip risk.

I couldnt find information about this regarding the risk. I got bitten out of nowhere by a girl in my bottom lip while clubbing. Very frustating and couldn’t do anything about it… But now im worried can herpes be transmitted by this? My lip does have a cut/ was bleeding from it. (+-30 minutes later i washed it with antibacterial soap when i got home). But on the other hand we did not kiss. It was a pure bite. And i have a girlfriend too, so im very frustated about the incident.

I couldn’t see an obvious sore but it was a dark room and she weared lipstick so who knows..

Dont know how to delete old post wanted to give some more info.
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It’s unlikely you contracted hsv1 from this encounter
But so it is possible you think or not at all? She did draw blood with her bite. I find this a hard one. Can't find any information about bites in lip. We for sure did not make out though.
Also you think i just can continue kiss my girlfriend without risks ?
Hope someone can give me an in depth to why it is unlikely. I think also because it was against my will, I am feeling very stressed about this. It almost felt like an assault.

Hope to hear from someone soon.
Thanks in advance
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Could someone maybe explain in depth into why this is unlikely?
Hope to hear from someone. Thanks in advance
You were bit. Hsv is not transmitted from contact with teeth. You would have to kiss. This is low, low risk. Impossible to transmit? I would never say impossible but if you haven’t had any sores develop, I think you can relax. Contact with teeth is not a risk
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