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Herpes fear


I have been having a recurring sore throat accompanied by body aches and headaches. Lasting about two weeks. Two separate occurrences about 6 weeks apart. I have found no lesions on my throat. The soreness IS on the sand side each time. I am worried this may be an oral herpes outbreak...? Im tired or fatigued each time. All other std tests for me and my partner have come back negative. I also get bad headaches when I workout or climax sexually... This may be caused by the a fever. Most things lead me to believe it's just the flu. But having a sore throat on the same side, has me worried... Thank you for your help!!!
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Hi, none of what you mention suggests herpes.
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Thank you so much for your reply!

I did want to update you and let you that it seems as tho I do have some redness and whiter skin in the back of my throat. Still no bumps or lesions.
All the best!
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