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Herpes or no?

Hi, Ive recently (5 days) got a new girlfriend which ive been friends for 4/5 months and yesterday i realized a little pimple-shaped thing on my lower lip which at the begining was swolen but today its kind of gone but still you can see the redness,About an hour ago,out of no where i felt my Penis hurts whenever i walk (basically whenever a point of it touched my boxer) i dont really call it "hurt" but its as if that point has 1 layer less than the rest of my skin. Its not a pimple i can tell. its a bump like its red a very tiny light white head which barely can be seen. (Notes; I havent had any genital and sexual thing with my partner and it has been just kissing and making out+ She has eczema ! would that be a reason? ) Is it possible that i had the virus from before ?! please help me as soon as possible because im freaking out to know if i have an STD
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Hi, since youve only kissed your only risk is oral herpes but if she did not have any lip sores at the time your risk is close to zero and on the contrary if you already have oral herpes, as many people do, and you had a sore at the time of kissing, she would be the one at risk. It would be a good idea to have a herpes test just to see if your lip sore may have been a herpes outbreak for her protection.
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