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Herpes or what?

To whomever can help,

I notice some strange things going on "down there" and I don't know what to think of it.  For sometime I been having this slight pain in my urethra which usually comes when I pressure is applied to my pelvic and genital area (usually when I sit down).  I also notice a slight rash on the right side of the shaft of my penis that has come twice but never turned into open sores or anything major.  No liquids or fluids come out just a little patch of raised, irritated skin.  I did do the vinegar test and it did turn a little off white and burned slightly which raised an eyebrow, but normal rashes and scars can do the same thing when vinegar is applied so I'm a little confused since no dramatic symptoms have appeared.  I have not been tested yet (will go hear in the next couple of
days) so I'm not sure what could be happening.  I did have unprotected sex twice back in December of last year (2015) and notice the pain in urethra and small rash in mid January.  Can anyone help?
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These symptoms do not sound like herpes. The rash and urethra issues are probably independent. Seek advice from a doctor, but it may be as simple as a UTI and yeast infections.
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I sure will.  Thanks a lot.  I'll be heading to see a urologist and get checked but you're most likely right.  I've been doing a lot of research and the symptoms described for herpes are not what I'm showing, just a bit paranoid.  But I'll definitely go and see someone.
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