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Herpes transmission - saliva - receiving oral sex

Hi all, hope you are well. To get to the point, three days ago I went to visit a sex worker and engaged in protected oral. I was the receiver of the oral. My penis was covered all the time during the activity. My problem is before giving me blowjob, the women opened up the condom packet and held the condom itself with her teeth for a short moment while massaging me. I always assume that they are infected I go to these activities to keep myself safe.

Could condom have been contaminated, by saliva, while holding it with her teeth with herpes and then give it to me whilst dressing it and giving me oral? I am worried about it. Thanks
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No, this isn't a risk. Herpes isn't found in saliva, and in any case, by the time the condom got to your penis, too much had happened - it was touched with her hands, exposed to air, etc.

When receiving oral sex, you'd be at risk for genital herpes type 1. You may already have hsv1. About half the adult population does, though most never get symptoms so they don't know they have it. Most people get it in childhood. If you already have it, you can't get it again. You don't need to run out and test, but if you feel like it, ask your doctor for a type specific IgG test.

So no worries. Whatever she may have, it wouldn't have transmitted to you this way.

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