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Herpes transmission to children

I have been paranoid and have severe anxiety about the possibility of transmitting genital herpes to my 3 year old as well as my 6 month old infant. Are any of these scenarios potential methods of transmitting hsv:

1. Forgetting to wash my hands after using the toilet and then going to breastfeed my baby?

2. Forgetting to wash my hands after using the toilet and then changing my baby's diaper?

3. Using the restroom with my 3 year old where I use the toilet first and then wipe myself, then put her on the toilet and wipe her with the same hand I used on myself?

4. How will I go camping without running water to clean my hands? Will hand sanitizer be enough?

Thank you for your help!
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The only way you'd give your genital herpes to a child is if you had inappropriate genital to genital contact with your children. Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, meaning you have to have contact with the genitals in order to get it - think mouth to genitals (hsv1 genitally) or genitals to genitals (usually hsv2 genitally).

I'm going to assume this isn't happening.

You won't spread herpes (or any STD) via a toilet, or hands.

Use your own towels, but that's good sense, too - you could have a yeast infection or a skin issue, and you have little ones.

You are not a walking biohazard. If you hear nothing else, hear that. By all means, use good hygiene - you have little ones. You are helping prevent colds and flus and the like. Use the hand sanitizer when you camp, because camping is dirty, but not because you are going to infect your children.

Just remember that you are not a walking biohazard, okay? <3

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