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Herpes transmission

Hi, i had tested positive for HSV1 back in 2018. I never had outbreak till today. Unfortunately, 1month ago my partner had herpes at her genital area after menstruation. The doctor gave her acyclovir for the treatment. Can HSV1 transmit to the genital area? Please advise
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How was your gf diagnosed?

Hsv1 can transmit to the genital area via oral sex, and about 50% of new genital herpes infections are genital hsv1.

Your girlfriend can take a type specific IgG antibody test to determine which, if any, type she has. The test misses about 30% of hsv1 infections, though, so if she tests negative for both types, it doesn't mean she doesn't have it. Was she originally diagnosed with a culture or a visual exam?
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They should be able to do an antibody test to tell if the herpes she's been diagnosed with is hsv 1 or hsv 2.  Hsv 1 (oral herpes) can transfer genitally but not the most common thing.  About 80 percent of the population has hsv 1(mouth herpes).  
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Thank you. I had tested for hsv2 but non reactive. Then i thought she might get the herpes from me. Only thing if she had the herpes at her oral area then i might related to it.
That's what I meant.  You can get an hsv 1 transmission at the genitals of your partner if you perform oral sex on them.  I wasn't talking about you taking the antibody test to determine, I meant SHE would need to do that.  
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