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How do I keep my penis and foreskin clean?

Yesterday afternoon I was still happily ignorant and thought I had a bladder infection. Just before going to bed I noticed some blisters on my penis (just outside and around the opening (don't know the medical term). Also on my foreskin (the inside is visible when you pull it back) had a small blister that seems to have opened and looked red inside. When I tried to dry it with a piece of toiletpaper there was neither fluid nor blood. Now a day later are there a lot more of those blister on the tip of my penis and my foreskins starts to look like a swiss cheese on one side. Not very flattering ...

Anyway, I called my doc in the morning and got some pills (Aciclovir). 5 pills a day for 5 days. I just had my fifth for the first day. When you read about the possible side effects you start to wonder what to fear most. The virus or the side effects ... 1 in 100.000 but still.

I read a lot today about herpes. The symptoms, the treatments, the sad fact you have it for life, the hope that I am one of the few where it only breaks out ONCE. A lot of informative stuff ... but ...

But NOWHERE I can find the answer to my question: how do I keep my penis and foreskin clean? I feel for washing it every hour (looks nasty with those blisters) but read that you shouldn't touch areas that are in outbreak because you can transmit it to other areas of your body.

Should I wash it with soap or with water? Should I use surgical gloves (or whatever you call those gloves)? Should I try to keep my foreskin off the top of my penis (read somewhere it should be kept dry) ???

Will somebody please tell me how I keep my one eyed (ill) trouser snake as clean as possible while having an outbreak ??? Thanks a million if you like to spend a few minutes to send me some good advice!

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I answered this on the asha message board already today :)

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Hi Betsy!

The Dutch from Copenhagen calling you from here. I do not get access to the ASHA message board now. I mean I don't get there at all (let alone log on). I hope this is temporary and that this is not something permanent. You know ... all your valuable information is there.

101028 tn?1419603004
it's been down most sundays while they are upgrading the site. It'll be accessible again in a few hours :)

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