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Hsv test results/symptoms

Had brief skin to skin contact 23 days ago, off and on burning symptoms had me worried so had an STD panel 10 days after. Tested 13.7 on IgG for HSV1, negative for HSV2...recently had sensation back with frequent urination.

1.Curious what my results mean, have heard higher the number longer you've had virus...this true? Do I need to retest hsv 2 again?

2. Re: symptoms Do I still need to be worried, have 2 small bumps but not obvious they are leasions located under top of penis head but could have been there forever and never noticed....very very small. Noticed them day after encounter when I was freaking out. Frequent urination comes and goes...first noticed within 48 hrs of encounter...sometimes I feel these symptoms are from stress only because I'm so worried. How long would symptoms persist or these small bumps be visible...they haven't changed since I first saw them?

Please help, thank you!
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The test result means you have an oral HSV1 infection, most probably acquired in your youth.

You had a zero exposure event for HSV2, no further testing is required.
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Thanks so much. Skin to skin was penis to vaginal area, no visual sores but honestly didn't look...no intercourse either.

What would small bumps be? Still no reason to worry? I've read where best to test 4 wks after...Worth retesting then?
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