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Hsv2 igg confused

I tested for hsv2 back in sept and my results were <91

I was just tested again yesterday and it says:
Hsv2 type spec 1.54

But then the next box down says hsv2 supplemental test negative normal
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This time (yesterday)  I did a complete std panel test, back in sept I only did a hsv2 test.
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They both say IGG
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Your supplemental test is inconclusive. It may say positive, but most experts believe that anything under a 3.5 needs to be confirmed.

I just looked back at your first posts, and have some comments.

First, you don't know that this girl has herpes. That's a rumor, and has no basis in fact that you know of.

Second, you were blackout drunk and don't know if any of what you've been told is true. You have no idea if she was trying to hook up with anyone.

Third, you have no idea if she hooked up with you. Did you wake up with your clothes off? At home? Alone?

Fourth, your symptoms suggest anxiety, not herpes. Herpes doesn't cause continuous symptoms when you've never had a blister (you haven't - a single bump is not herpes).

My recommendation would be to stop testing. You don't even know if you were exposed. I'd also suggest easing up on the drinking since blackout drinking is a sure sign of unhealthy drinking.

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The test I just took would of been just almost 5 months and my result was 1.54.

My results at almost 4 weeks was <91

Could it still be a false positive. Both tests were through Labcorp.

I have yet to ever see any blisters. For the past 2-3 months maybe even longer my anus and butt crack area have been very irritated pretty much every day. And Monday it was very red and actually hurt to wipe. Had a little bit of blood on the toilet paper. I have had that area examined now three time and by 2 different doctors. Both thought I had a yeast infection. But after like 3 weeks of diflucan not really any change. So now I have some cream cause I had a weird rash on my wrists and on my inner thighs. Said it looks like eczema. He said if I come back again he’s going to refer me to a dermatologist. I have also had the area checked out by someone else and they say that they do not see anything to be worried about. I can only see so much in the mirror or with my cell phone so.  And I have also had these weird pains all over for the past few months, mostly in my legs. But have yet to see any obvious looking blisters or sores. Only thing like that was I had a few cuts on my stomach right under my belly button that I thought I got from work. Never scabbed over or anything,  Just slowly disappeared.
Also I hadn’t drank like that in years. I had only socially drank for the past 4-5 years never heavy drinking. I have not drank since that night and probably won’t for a long time.
Trust your doctor. Herpes looks nothing like eczema, and if he wants to refer you to a derm, then go for that.

Contrary to what you'd think from reading this forum, herpes doesn't cause weird pains in the legs, unless it's just prior to an outbreak (prodrome) or irritated nerves after an outbreak. You haven't had an outbreak.
I was finally almost over it all. Then I went for my “conclusive” test and now it’s postitive. Just had me worried that it went from negative to now positive. And with this sore/raw feeling anus/crack thing I’ve had going on since end of September. I’m not sure what to do now. Thank you very much for taking time to talk to me and give me your input. It really does help & make me feel better about all this.
Especially when I took a 10 panel test and everything was negative except for the one thing I was worried about. After it was negative through the same testing place like 3 months before. Guess I will just go ahead and see the dermatologist and go from there. I know you said I should stop testing but after seeing that positive result it’s hard. I feel like I should pursue the WB. Another igg test I’m guessing would just be a waste at this point. Or is it possible to get another igg test done again and it come out negative.
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You didn't have a positive result - it was inconclusive. And pick a thread, and let's stick to one. :)
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