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Hsv2 persistent indeterminate Western blot

I had last sexual encounter in March 2019 protected sex.only been with 1 girl and she tested negative for hsv2 .tested positive igg very high @ anylabtestnow >8.00 in May 2019. took at test at quest diagnostics in July 2019 and igg 5.27. Took a viral culture also in July 2019 and was negative.took Western Blot end of October 7 months after last encounter and was indeterminate. Took another one end of December 2019 9 months post exposure and was indeterminate again. The virology lab at UW said I am considered negative based on the results. Said I am not seroconverting so there is some mysterious protein causing false pos on igg. Is this true??
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I would absolutely trust UW. They are the experts in the WB, and herpes testing.

If you only had one partner, and she doesn't have herpes, you can't have it. Why did you test in the first place? Just routine testing?
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Yeah just routine testing.thanks so much for the response
Since you don't have any symptoms, and you've only had one partner who doesn't have herpes, which means you can't have it, then believe UW.

I understand the confusion - herpes testing has some flaws which leads to a lot of confusion, which is why the CDC and a lot of docs don't believe in routine testing. You really can move on. It could mean that you will always have false positives on the IgG, and should get a BioKit or WB for testing, though, if you ever have a risk.
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