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Hsv2 testing question

If I have HSV1 and have symptoms. Is it possible to have hsv2 and no symptoms?

Also what is considered a conclusive negative for igg hsv2?

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Yes, it's possible for anyone to have hsv2 and have no symptoms, but having hsv1 already makes it more likely that you will.

An absolute conclusive negative is lower than .90. However, most experts believe that anything under a 3.5 needs to be confirmed, especially in the presence of an existing hsv1 infection.

Why do you ask? Do you think you have a false positive?
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I’ve tested negative 2 times over 4 year period I’m just curious why the index value slightly goes up each time.
I know I have HSV1 I tested positive and have had breakouts.
Hsv2 both time negative over 4 years and index values 1st time .023
Second time 0.32 why does it keep going up ?
Oh that's kind of background noise on the test. It will never be a true 0.0.

I can test for hsv2 today (which I have) and it could be 8.9. Tomorrow, it could be 16.7. The following day may be 11.6.

It doesn't mean anything. I don't have less of an infection today than I would tomorrow.

You are significantly below the .90 cutoff, and that's all that matters.
What if the next time it rises more like say 1.10 what should I make of that?
Those values are clearly negative. Do not worry about the very minor variances in the testing.  That is normal.
So I shouldn’t get a wb done? Those igg tests are accurate?
No, you don't need to get any more testing done unless you have a new possible exposure.

The IgG tests are very reliable. You have nothing to worry about here. WB are done to confirm inconclusive tests - you do not have that.
No I haven’t had any type of intercourse if that’s what you mean to exposure at least not in the last 4-5 months just received oral sex a couple of times that’s about it.
I'm sorry - I was on vacation.

You haven't had any new exposures. Since you have hsv1 already, you don't need to worry about getting genital hsv1 from oral sex. You already have hsv1 - you can't get it again.

Since you haven't had any genital to genital contact, you haven't had any exposures for hsv2, and don't need any further testing.

Really, you're fine, and you can stop worrying about this.
It’s ok I figured you were busy.
I have had gential gential contact but it has all been protected sex. I’m assuming 1 time with 3 different people won’t result in a hsv2 infection? I’ve heard I have to have repeated exposure to contract it and it has to be unprotected sex.
1 time each with 3 different people
It's very unlikely that you'd get herpes from a 1-time protected encounter. You can still get it, though. Herpes is spread via skin to skin contact, and the condom doesn't protect all the skin.

Your tests are negative, though. You've had no symptoms. I really don't see where you have anything to worry about.
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