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I don’t know if its herpes on inner thighs - itching, burning, bumps

Hello, this past month I have been sexually active with a couple of women. I am a male. Always used a condom except once for when I received oral.  
Around three days ago inner thighs started to itch and burn. I’ve had jock itch before and the burn and itch was similar. Those symptoms only lasted 1 day and half and now it’s very mild.
However, I did notice small spots or bumps on the folds of inner thigh and groin. They spread a little up to the outer area. But main thing is they are spread out. They aren’t sensitive and don’t seem to have crusted. They just look flat and red, with some being bumps.

They mainly look like small pimples. I’m not sure whether it can be herpes as if the first outbreak is possible in that area.

I video called a doctor and he told me most likely it was herpes and prescribed me anti virals. I went to see another doctor today and had blood drawn and now waiting for the results in the next couple of days.
Anus is a little bit burning, but nothing too bad. I’m also physically active, I do sports and my inner thighs sweat a lot and are closed in from my boxers after a good work out and soccer games. Maybe that can also be a factor. I have had jock itch in the past but it looked different.
I could use your best advice and opinions to kind point me in the right direction. Thank you
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Is it on both sides of your thighs? That would point to jock itch more so than herpes, or another fungal infection, though herpes can be on both sides - it's just more unusual.

Herpes really shouldn't be visually diagnosed. It's way too similar in appearance to fungal infections and other things to rely on a visual.

Did the doctor you saw the other day do a culture or anything on it?

When you get the results back, let us know. My guess is that he did an IgM test. In theory, that test is supposed to look for new infections. It's just terribly unreliable, and shouldn't be done on anyone but newborns. My own IgM was negative when it should have been positive, and positive when it should have been negative.

If he did an IgG test, it can take up to 4 months to show positive on that.

We'll figure it out when you get the results back.
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