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About 9 months ago i had a ingrown toe nail and some noted fungas in both big toes, was treat with lamisil but i only took it for about 3 weeks one toe cleared but the other didn't. since then  the fungas grew in that one toe and caused it to become thick and painful. i have to admit i don't take care of my feet like i should and i almost never cut my toe nail unless it hurts and my job requires me to be on my feet in closed shoes. well long story short i did get a good pedicure and the tech cut my toe nail and pulled some build up from under neath the nail. i have no doubt i still have alot of fungus. NOW THE QUESTION IS COULD THAT CAUSE A FALSE POSITIVE HERPES TEST.
i was diagnosis about 2 weeks ago and my doctor said she was not concerned and did not want to put me on any meds because i never had a episode. she said i tested positive for herpes and my igg was 2.47 which she said was low but when i asked should i be retested in about 3 to 6 month she said it didn't matter she never seen a test show negative after a positive. i read that fungus can affect the test.
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please keep all your questions about your herpes testing in your original post. I've already asked you once to do this and it really is appreciated when you follow the forum guidelines.

no, this will not cause a false positive herpes igg blood test.

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ok i'm sorry but i'm new to the site and i thought i was posting them right, I thought you were here to help me. i sorry if i was scared and confused and  wrote in the wrong forum. thank you and i wont bother you any more i will figue it out on my own
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