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IGM test does not sense

On January the 3rd I got a blood test. Th results were:
HSV I, it was IGG positive and IGM negative.
For HSV II were IGG negative and IGM positive.
My last "sexual or not sexual" relation was in Octuber, and It consisted in a massage without oral, vaginal or anal sex, so any kind og sex. The only thing I masturbated by myself, she didn't touch my genitals and its area.
Not other contact "sexual" in the last year.

I thing that it is a false igm positive.
No risk in the last relation.

Igm lasts 30 days, doesn it? After that disapear.

Could anyone tell me how to proceed?

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Your doctor may be a great doctor, but isn't up to date on herpes testing.

The IgM test for herpes is notoriously flawed. It is designed to find new infections - within a couple of weeks - but is often wrong. You didn't need it. It's totally inappropriate for you in regards to timing, and can cross react with hsv1 antibodies (which you have), and varicella (chicken pox) antibodies.

I would totally disregard it, and act as if you never took it. Your IgG results show that you have hsv1, and do not have hsv2. You've likely had hsv1 for years - probably since you were a child. About half the adult population has it, and 90% will never have any symptoms. Statistically, it's an oral infection.




Your massage in October didn't put you at risk for any STDs, so your IgG tests are conclusive. You don't need to test again unless you have a new exposure.

I don't know why he tested you for herpes, unless it's part of a regular exam.

I'm glad you found us to ask about the IgM test. You don't have to worry about hsv2 now. :)

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Thank you for your answer.
It was for a regular/ annual exam.
Effectively I had in my live Herpes on the lips once a year at least since I was a child. Also when I was a child I had the varicela and even later a herpes zoster   on the waist skin.

Just to know, when igm is positive for herpes I or II, how long does it take to decline the value since infection?  If igm I or II is positive should have syntoms on the skin or it can be high without syntoms?
The IgM looks for recent infections - within a couple of weeks. It can be positive if you have a recurrence, but you don't have hsv2 - your IgG confirms that.

My IgM was negative when it should have been positive, and positive when it should have been negative. It's a terrible test for herpes. Don't waste any time worrying about it - it's unreliable, and you shouldn't have had it done given the timing of your sexual activity.
I received the results in January of that blood test. I didn t have any idea about igm on that date so I didn t take into account. No symptoms so far.
Two weeks ago ( 6 months later) I came back to other doctor and reviwing by myself the last results while I was waiting to see the doctor I saw that igm was positive.
This other doctor wanted to repeat the blood test because I was afraid.
Then I surfed on internet searching what was that and the unexpecific symtoms appeared at that moment.
Then the next day I started to have swelling.
I 'm prety sure it is stress and anxiety.

So stress and anxiety get syntoms

How the people can fight with this kind of anxiety?
What do you have anxiety about? The IgM is a useless test, and your IgG says you don't have herpes.

Talk to your doctor about your anxiety. Anxiety is a medical problem, and your doctor can help you. My suggestion (and I'm not a doctor) would be to talk to your doctor to see if medication is right for you, and to get some therapy. Medications help, but don't help you develop coping skills, or figure out if there is a cause for the anxiety.

Go back and read the links I posted earlier if you need reassurance. You do not have herpes. I don't know if you have swelling or not - or if your anxiety is making you think you do, which is very possible - but you don't have herpes.
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My Dr. didn, t explain anything, It was when fot other things I reviwed the blood test then I noticed.
Then I started surf on internet, I didn t have any idea of herpes. I was ansiety and I still whit that. I ..hipocondriac
Why the dr ask for the analisys If I didnt told him any symtoms.

Do you thing rhe dr is a good dr?

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