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If you have oral herpes can you auto-inoculate your genital region on accident?

So, I went to the doctors recently and they told me that I could possibly have a case of oral herpes. (it would be my primary outbreak if it is indeed herpes) They are going to tell me my results later this week.  Earlier this week before I went to the doctors I had masturbated, and am worried that if I did happen to have herpes on my lip and used saliva to masturbate, how likely is it that I could have auto-inoculated my genital region with herpes?
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Did you have symptoms at the time? If not, it isn't likely to happen. If you did, it's possible, but it would be more likely if you touched the outbreak and then touched your genitals. If the saliva didn't come into contact with your sore, then it's not possible.
Well I had super tiny blisters or bumps on my lips but they didn’t look like a cold sore or anything.  I’m only worried because I’m now experiencing some itching and discomfort in my urethra/meatus.  It doesn’t hurt when I pee, but it itches pretty bad and is constantly uncomfortable. So idk if it’s a warning that I will have an outbreak of internal herpes.  I’m probably just paranoid but I’ve never had this type of issue before.
How long after you masturbated did the symptoms develop? How long have they lasted?

You should get this checked out by your doc, though. It's possible something else is going on. It could be anxiety playing with your mind and a heightened body awareness, or something else by coincidence.
The symptoms developed a few days after masturbation and have continued for about 3 days now.  

I’m also pretty confused about the possible blisters/discoloration on my lips. Cuz they have remained the same for a week now. You have to look extremely close to see them. Even the doctor couldn’t really tell what she thought they were. Is it typical for herpes to be that mild?

If my herpes culture on my lips comes back positive I’m definitely going to go and make sure that it’s not also affecting my lower regions.  
@auntiejessi  My culture for my lips said that I do have oral herpes but they didn’t really give me any info as to whether I have it genitally or not.   I would greatly appreciate some advice. The doctors haven’t been answering their phones.  I have had some slight itching on my penis. But it hasn’t been too bad. The main problem I’m experiencing is a swollen lymph node in my groin area. I was diagnosed with mono earlier this year, so that’s what the doctor said that most likely was.  But how can I be sure? I haven’t had any type of blisters or sores appear on my genitals, and it’s been a little over a week after possible exposure.  Should I just assume I don’t have it genitally or should I postpone any sexual intimacy? I feel very anxious and upset that my doctors didn’t leave me with much information to go off of.
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Anytime you have genital symptoms of anything, you should abstain from sex. Even if it's just a fungal infection like jock itch, you don't want to share that with your partner.

Slight itching isn't likely to be herpes, and given that you had no symptoms when you masturbated, I'd assume that you don't have genital herpes. For the next few months, be really careful when you masturbate - don't use spit or lick your hand, or anything like that to aid in lubrication. Go get some KY Jelly or something instead.

Once you have antibodies, you can relax about this because auto-inoculation is a lot less likely.

If you have one swollen lymph in your groin, it doesn't mean much. The best advice I can give you right now is to go live your life. Do the fun things you like to do, don't focus on herpes. See if that helps your genital symptoms disappear. If they linger for more than a few days, follow up with your doctor. It could be something else going on.
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