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IgG negative for HSV 1/2, IgM positive, symptomatic, help!

I am going to try this one more time, since I paid and posted yesterday but have not received any advice and I am really desperate.

I am beside myself. Went to the doctor with a terrible one-sided genital rash (the pain literally floored me) -- my husband and I thought it was herpes zoster. Doctor took one look, thought it was HSV 1 or 2. Test results: typical antibody levels for zoster (I had chickenpox as a kid) but negative IgM. Negative IgG results for both HSV1 and HSV2. But a positive IgM result (non-specific: could be either 1 or 2 or both I guess). The cultures came back negative but apparently there was very little fluid to culture. I had blisters, lesions and the most intense pain I have yet to experience. Shooting pains, burning sensation, chill, you name it -- if it was unpleasant, I experienced it.

Doc explained that I must have been exposed to the virus recently, otherwise I would have had a positive IgG test. Now, I know people may think I am crazy or naive, but I know 100% that my husband did NOT cheat on me (and I didn't cheat on him either of course). I am reading a lot about false positive IgM results for HSV and that in general, the test is not very trustworthy. But what else could have given me these terrible symptoms? Husband has never had a cold sore or anything like it in his life. Neither had I until this weird episode.

We have been together well over a decade...I can't figure this out. Needless to say, I am beside myself and looking for answers. How can this be happening? Please help! I know deep in my heart that my husband is faithful -- so, what could be happening to me?
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you've paid to post to 2 expert forums now. be patient and wait for your replies on those forums to get your money's worth.

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Thanks, Grace. It seems to me that you have been the source of lots of valuable advice and support for some distressed people in these forums. To be honest, based upon the types of professional responses I have seen, the site should charge even more for the opinions people receive. I am just looking forward to getting some professional advice because I fear my doctor may not be too experienced in this area. I will try to be more patient, but please understand that I also am very distressed myself.
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