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In need of reassurance!!!

here are the background facts:
-I don't have a history of genital herpes nor have i ever shown symptoms. however i have never been tested
-I have not had sexual intercourse since January (i've also never had sex without a condom)

-Yesterday and a few days ago I used my dildo - but i dont think I was lubricated enough because it felt different
-Last night I shaved my genital area

This morning I feel a little burning sensation when I peed and I have spots where the skin is raised - down closer to my vagina opening. I do get bumps sometimes after I shave, but the burning sensation slightly concerns me

I've never felt the burning sensation before and I'm a little concerned. I've never shown symptoms before, but I'm concerned.
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Is it an internal or external dildo? I'm going to assume internal, since you mentioned the lube, but if it's something you only use externally, let me know.

Do you clean it every time you use it?

The burning could simply be irritation from using the dildo without enough lube, like having sex if you aren't lubed enough. When you peed, did it burn when it hit the skin outside, or burn from the inside?

I don't think you need to worry right away. If it's burning from the inside, increase your water for a day or two, and see if that helps. Maybe you're just a little dehydrated, and irritated, and together, it hurts. Add shaving on top of that, and you might have more irritation.

I don't see any reason to jump to herpes as a concern.

If this lingers more than a day or two, get it checked by a doctor. While it's possible to get herpes while wearing a condom, the chances are much lower than if you didn't use a condom.

Let us know what happens. :)
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It was internal
I clean it after I use it so it's clean for the next time

It burns the skin down near the entrance to my vagina
That sounds like irritation. Maybe you just needed to use more lube. How are you feeling today?

If this doesn't get better in the next day or two, see your doctor. I'd be very surprised if this was herpes.
Oh I suppose it could be yeast or bacterial vaginosis, too, both of which can happen without ever having sex.
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