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Is 4.71 high on HSV Type 1-Specific Ab, IgG ?

Just wondering how high that is. It looks very high based on the scale they show from the company that performed the test?    Is 4.71 high on HSV Type 1-Specific Ab, IgG ?

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It's definitely positive, if that's what you're asking.

I've seen a lot higher, but that doesn't mean a whole lot in terms of infection. I've seen really high numbers - into the teens and 20s - in people with no symptoms, and lower numbers like yours in people who get a lot of symptoms, and vice versa.

All it does is measure your antibody response to herpes. It doesn't predict anything about the disease process and how it will look for you. It also means nothing in terms of transmission. Someone with a lower number is just as likely to transmit as someone with a higher number.

If that didn't answer your questions, let me know.

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When I tested I had a raw looking place on my penis head under the foreskin. THe foreskin was never involved any time but the penis head is and has been the location of the outbreak. Its in the center of the top. Is this the place the herpes virus entered my body? Could my wife have given me this HSV1 on my penis through oral sex? She has fever blisters a lot but has never been tested for HSV. If she did infect me can I give her HSV1 in her genitals from intercourse? She hasn't did oral sex on me in over 5 years but use too fairly often. Just wondering how I got this and when. I've never had a fever blister that I remember.  I am just very consumed with this issue. Not eating well, sleeping, I am consumed totally with this. I have read everything I can find on herpes. Thanks for your insight and help!!
If your wife has hsv1, and fever blisters are hsv1, if that's indeed what she is getting, then she can give you genital hsv1 via oral sex.

You could have had it for 5 years or more and not known it, and just gotten an outbreak for the first time. The downside to the herpes blood tests is that they only tell you what you have, and not where it's located. It's possible that you had a fungal infection on your penis, and have an oral hsv1 infection. 90% of those who have oral hsv1 never get a cold sore/fever blister, so they don't know they have it.

If you do have it genitally, you won't give it to your wife genitally, because she has antibodies that protect her from getting hsv1 in another location on her body.

Don't obsess over this. Eating well and sleeping well is important to your health - physically and mentally. About half the adult population has oral hsv1, and if you add in those who have it genitally, it's probably close to 70%, depending on your age.

You may never get another outbreak if this is genital hsv1 - it rarely recurs, and you probably won't ever transmit it to anyone, as it rarely sheds.

You're going to be just fine. :)
Thanks ever so much for assisting me with information that is very much needed.  Sorry to keep being consumed with this.... This is my 4th outbreak and the sore is in the same place. Is that the location the virus infected me? I never have any pain. The sight is sensitive but no pain.  My doctor seems to have limited knowledge but said he thinks the HSV1 positive result is indicating genital since I have never had a fever blister and tested negative to HSV2. He also says this could have been dormant for decades and just reared its head from my body being weakened from penile surgery. in my 50's and married for 30 years. :(
Thanks again for your time and patience as well as your encouragement!
It could be the location that the virus infected you - it's pretty typical to get outbreaks at the point of infection, but that doesn't mean you will always only get outbreaks there.

Has anyone cultured this to make sure it's herpes? It sounds like it could be, for sure, but since you're in your 50s, it's also quite possible that you have oral hsv1, and this is a recurring fungal infection or eczema or something.

The next time you get an outbreak, get into your doctor within 24-48 hours and ask him to culture it, or better yet, to PCR swab it. Talk to him ahead of time and let him know you want the PCR swab done, so he can do research and be prepared. Here is how LabCorp describes it - you can show this to your doctor. https://www.labcorp.com/test-menu/27826/herpes-simplex-virus-hsv-and-varicella-zoster-virus-vzv-profile-lesions-pcr

Even if you aren't in the US, or your doc doesn't use LabCorp, that should be helpful for your doc.

If you need to, don't hesitate to see a dermatologist.

I don't mean to make this sound like a bigger deal than it is. Even if it is hsv1 genitally, it's not a huge deal, and I suspect it would have little overall impact on your life. The treatment for eczema is different, though, than the treatment for hsv1, so it's important to know for sure.

Thank you so much for your help!!  I just not sure where this came from and if it is actually HSV1 on my penis.  Doctor seems to think so but stated it could have been dormant for decades.  Its cleared now but I still have a small discolored spot on the gland. its not round but an odd type oblong shape but its not very large. I hope its safe to have sex now. Condoms are sort of out of the picture since we are married and she would never understand this especially after her mom has accused me of having a BF/GF
Does your wife know about the hsv1 possibility? It sounds like her mom might, too, or is her mom just throwing accusations around? (And if you're in your 50s, are you all too old for parents to be getting involved in this kind of thing? I say that as someone also in her 50s.)

Well, if it is hsv1, it is possible that you've had it for decades - either before your marriage, or that you got it during your marriage from your wife if she's ever performed oral on you. If it is hsv1, you may never know.

Given that you recently had surgery on the area, that could indeed been what triggered it. There are lots of stories here about people who suddenly get outbreaks of both hsv1 and hsv2, and have had no recent exposures or sources outside their marriages, and never really figure out how they got it.

If you still have some discoloration, you might want to avoid sex for a couple more days to be sure. If it's a fungal infection, you could transmit that to your wife, and then end up in a vicious cycle transmitting that back and forth.

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