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Is HSV 1 genital less severe than when you have HSV 2?

I recently was diagnosed with genital hsv 1. I was tested at planned parenthood through both a blood test and they did a culture on my sores. Although I do still have a good amount of sores, the sores themselves didn't really hurt me that bad. The worst pain was the trouble and burning while urinating. Now that part is pretty much over so I'm just waiting for the sores to go away.

Before I got my actual test results back, I already knew I had herpes. The doctor said she knew as soon as she looked at it. So of course, I was devastated, and went home researching and researching and researching. Since I hadn't had my actual test results back I assumed that I had hsv 2 since that is what is most common genitally. But once they called and told me I tested positive for 1 and not 2, I changed up my research. Everything I've found online suggests that having hsv 1 genitally is generally less severe and you have little to no outbreaks after your initial one. I also read that asymptomatic viral shedding happens less often with this kind of genital herpes. However, when I asked the clinician at planned parenthood about this, she said there is no medical evidence of this and the hsv 1 and hsv 2 genially are pretty much identical. So whats right? The doctor at planned parenthood or literally EVERYTHING I've read online?

Also, I may be being paranoid, but I'm starting to have a burning sensation around my mouth. Is it possible that I spread the virus to my mouth this quickly? I've only the virus for a week now. The anxiety is starting to kick in again though......
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Your Dr at planned parenthood is incorrect. Hsv1 of the genitals is not like hsv2 at all. The primary outbreak from hsv1 is usually more severe but recurring outbreaks are way less. Some folks never get another. Hsv2 will most assuredly have way more outbreaks and sheds twice as much on average. Genital hsv1 sheds very little and usually isn't very potent when it does. I am actually surprised to hear you got it from vaginal Intercourse. This isn't impossible as you know, but pretty rare.
Your research is somewhat true. Yes there is no guarantee that someone with oral hsv1 can't catch it genitally but in reality once the infection is a few months old and the antibodies are there it becomes very rare for this to occur. All the experts I have dealt with like Dr Handsfield, Ms Warren..etc have all said the same thing. Incredibly rare. Kinda like getting hit by falling derry from space. Lol possible...sure. probable? Nope.
I would rather my partner have a genital hsv1 infection than oral. Much much less chance of spreading it from the genitals.
I hope this helps a little
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