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Is a genital herpes episode every 20-30 days "normal", or is it too frequent?

I have an outburst of genital herpes every 20-30 days or so.
The episodes are not very serious, but they are VERY frequent (are they?).
I use acyclovir 800 mg every 4 hours for 7-10 days to manage the episodes.
The little ulcers heal OK, but genital herpes pops up again usually after 2-3 weeks on average.
Is that "normal"? Or is it too frequent?
If it is too frequent, what could the cause be?
How can I try to reduce the frequency of HSV-2 episodes (short of long-term acyclovir suppressive therapy)?
Thank you in advance.
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I was diagnosed back in June '15 and since then I was having outbreaks of varying severity every 3-4 weeks.
I started taking suppressant acyclovir (400mg twice a day) and since then I haven't had an outbreak.
I put this partly down to the tablets and suppression therapy and partly down to the fact just taking the tablets eliminated a lot of stress, anxiety and worry for me about the condition.  
If you think you're having them this frequently it might be worth seeing your GP and discussing suppression therapy. Overtime outbreaks should naturally reduce in number anyway, but this could helpful to you too.
Hope you manage to get things sorted for yourself.
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I've read that Valtrex is more effective because it's more easily absorbed by the body.  Maybe you will have better results with that.  Good luck
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Hi, yes that are to frequent and maybe they are not herpes. Have you tested postive for hsv2?
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