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Is it Herpes, or something else? Already tested. Help?

Greetings community,

Long story short...  Maybe a year and a half or so ago, I had symptoms of genital Herpes.  Originally, I went to Planned Parenthood for a visual diagnosis.  The Doctor said what I didn't want to hear, she followed that with a culture swab to confirm, but by this point, the lesions appeared to be healing.  Culture swab came back as a negative.  So I decided to go to my Doctor for a blood test, and from what I can recall, this was probably about 4 months later.  He did an IGG test for both type 1, as well as type 2.  I got a negative on both those as well.

So now here I am today.  Rewind about 4 days ago...  I started feeling a weird, rashy, tingly sensation on my leg.  Yesterday, I take off my pants for whatever reason, and BOOM, rashes and lesions on my left thigh, as well as the left side of my groin area.  And today, it appeared to spread a little more, as well as a couple on the small of my back (right in the middle).  I'm sore, uncomfortable, can't sleep all that well, head is foggy etc (light flu symptoms).  And obviously, I'm terrified.  I'm in my thirties, and still remain in single digits, as far as sexual partners go.  But I know that really means nothing...  I'm scared, honestly.  Could it potentially be shingles, maybe that's what it was last time?  Or is it possible that I got a false negative, two times in a row!?

Any advice, and or comfort of any kind is sincerely appreciated.  Thank you.
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Hi, shingles is not the igG herpes but is a strain that develops from those that had chicken pox as a child or the immunization shot and most always affect elderly people. Its a terrible rash most often on the back and most often only happens once in a lifetime.
Most that contract herpes are in long term monogomous relationships where one partner is infected.
You can trust your igg blood test that you dont have herpes.
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Where were your original symptoms located? On or near the same area? From what I understand, herpes stays in the same nerve dermatome so any outbreaks would be confined to areas served by that dermatome. Most experts on here say that herpes will typically reappear within at least an inch from where the primary infection occurred although I guess there are differing opinions as some people say it can appear anywhere in the boxer shorts area.
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