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Is it herpes?

I have had 1 white bump beside my clitoris for the last 4 months. Sometimes I have slight itching/tingling sensation all over my vagina but no burning during urination or pain on bump. The bump is hard, and I haven't been able to pop it. Im scared its herpes but everything I see online says an outbreak usually only goes up to 6 weeks, I noticed the bump in May and its September now. I thought it may be a cyst but the itching is making me worry more. I plan on going to the health department when I can get an appointment as I do not have insurance or hundreds of dollars for an exam else where.
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It might just be a cyst because i think Herpes usually shows up in clusters and I have a cyst on my shoulder and it's hard and gets itchy sometimes but still read more up on it
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I am glad that you plan to have this looked at and in the meantime I honestly think that you should not worry. The itchiness suggests a mild thrush infection.
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