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Is it herpes

I had unprotected sex with a friend 4 weeks ago.  A couple of weeks after relation a pimple showed up on the upper line of my pubic area.  I popped it and it was blood coming out after a little white pus.  It still a little pink but on way to disappear.  I think it’s simply  a pimple but after talking to a friend I’m worried it could be herpes.  Please help
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I'm not sure what you mean by "upper line" of your pubic area, but it sounds more like a pimple or hair follicle than herpes.

If you get another one, do not pop it, and get it checked by a doctor within 48 hours of it appearing. If they think it's herpes, insist that they do a type-specific culture or PCR swab on it.

If you think it looks like a pimple, it probably is just a pimple.
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Thank you for your response.  I meant the pimple was very high in my pubic area.  Is it possible that herpes appear as a single pimple in that area?  
It's possible for herpes to appear there, but herpes doesn't look like a pimple. Herpes is on the skin, usually in blisters. Pimples start under the skin, as a clogged pore. There's no blood when you pop a herpes sore (which is painful).

It could have been an infected hair follicle, too, which can sometimes look like a pimple.

Either way, it's not sounding like herpes to me.
Thank you very much.  happy holidays!
Thank you, same to you!!
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