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Is it possible to get genital herpes from indirect methods?

I went to an Asian “happy ending” massage parlor. It really seemed clean not too dirty. I first got naked and laid down on a rubber/plastic soft mat that was already wet (probably with previous naked people) and she washed me with hot water and soap. She rubbed my penis with the warm water and soap. Next I dried off with a towel(not sure if it was clean). Then I laid down on a massage table and she gave me a handjob with oil and her hand. That was all and nothing else. No kissing either. I did touch her vagina and then rubbed my penis. Is this possible I gave myself gentian herpes from touching her vagina and then my penis? There was vaginal wetness on my hand but she did not have any visible sores or anything wrong looking. I didn’t have any symptoms at all whatsoever after. No rash or redness or bumps. Just normal skin. But now about 50 days later from the massage I have herpes sores(doctor confirmed) on my penis. They did show up a day after I had sex and anal with my girlfriend. Is it possible my partner has had it and didn’t know and just suddenly started showing symptoms? She hasn’t had any symptoms. Or is it likely I got the herpes from the experience I described above? Thank you.
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So if it seemed clean, and the mat you were on was wet, maybe it was because she cleaned it?

You had no risk for herpes from the massage. Even if everything was dirty, and hadn't been cleaned in between clients, you had no risk. Herpes doesn't transmit via inanimate objects, nor does any STD transmit via hands.

How was your genital herpes confirmed? Was it a visual diagnosis? Were any tests done - cultures? Blood tests? Herpes needs to be diagnosed with testing - many other things resemble it, and a visual diagnosis is often incorrect.

Herpes symptoms don't show up the next day. It takes at the absolute minimum 2 days. The average is 4.

What did your sores look like? How long did they last? How did you treat them?

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