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Is this Herpes?

Hi all, so I have been dealing with hemorrhoids for awhile which are internal. It’s hard to pass stool because it hurts, and usually I bleed after every time I go to the bathroom.  

About a few days ago, I noticed I had a lump around my anus region. It itches and is a bit tender. I am sexually active, however I have only had unprotected sex with one partner and it was anal sex. My ex and I have both been routinely tested for herpes in the past and we both ended up having negative results. Yet I understand that in most cases some test aren’t exactly accurate, but because we ended our relationship we decided it would be best to get tested together so we both know we are clean for our next potential partners. The last time we had sex was in August of last year.

I have had a new partner in February of this year. We used condoms and there was no oral sex. My next partner was in April once again we used condoms and there was oral sex. Finally I had a short fling in May which ended me reviving oral sex. It didn’t last more than 30 seconds and my partner picked around my buttocks but never my anus.

I understand that herpes can be transmitted through skin to skin contact, so regardless if I used a condom or not there is possibility for exposure. However to lower the risk I still find it necessary to use condoms with hookups because you can never be too sure. (Just to add, I HAVE only had anal sex with one person which is my ex. Never have I engaged in anal sex with other hookups he is the only person because I trusted him and we got tested before sex).

Below are a few pictures that I have taken, my mother who is a nurse looked at the photos and tells me that my anal region seems to be swollen and I may just be overreacting. Although for clarity I will be getting tested.

Just wondering what do you guys think? Herpes isn’t a death sentence however if I do have it I’ll be informing all potential partners in the near future.  


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I'm not a doctor, but that doesn't look like herpes. It could be a hemorrhoid, for sure.

Have you seen a doctor about all this? If you're bleeding rectally, you really should. If it's bright red blood, it's usually not something to be concerned about, like cancer, but you should still see your doc since things aren't improving and it hurts to have a bowel movement.

Herpes is blisters, not lumps like this, so I'd be really surprised if this was herpes.

Hope you feel better soon!
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Thanks! My hemorrhoids have actually gotten better they used to be way worse. I figured this couldn’t be herpes because the activities I have described are low risk especially with a condom. All my partners never showed visual signs, especially my ex partner who I’ve only had unprotected sex with. I have switched up my diet and started drinking more water and it has helped tremendously. Last night I got some preparation H checked this morning and actually the bumps looked much smaller and the swelling is gone. Appreciate the advice it makes my anxiety less.
You're welcome, and I'm glad the hemorrhoids are getting better! :)
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