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Is this herpes? Left leg, back, tailbone pain.

On January 17th I had a brief sexual encounter with a CSW. We had vaginal sex for maybe 5 minutes.  The entire interaction was protected.

3 days later I began to get pain in my left leg/knee That same day I took a Gonorrhea and Chlamydia test which came back negative

8 days later the aches on my left leg continued so I had a herpes IGG test done to establish a baseline. HSV 1 and 2 both came back negative.

Day 9 single red bump appeared on the right side of my scrotum. Doctor looked at it and said looks like a pimple and didn't suspect herpes. It was gone within a week and never crusted stabbed or popped.

Day 10 Took a herpes igM test to rule out recent exposure. I know they're prone to false positives but I never had chicken pox or anything and I wanted answers. It came back negative.

Day 14 had a couple of days noticing a some tingling burning in my inner thighs but it only last 2 days.

Day 25 had another IGG test and it's also came back negative

My pain in my leg specifically knee, groin continues and I'm now having lower back pain on the left side. I also have slight pain in my tailbone when sitting. The pain in my leg bothers me most when I'm walking and isn't really noticeable when sitting or laying down.

As of this posting it has been 5 weeks since exposure and my leg pain, lower back pain and tailbone pain are still happening.

The left leg/joints ache most when walking. Tailbone bothers me when sitting. And back pain comes and goes.

My questions are:

1. I know herpes hangs out in the nerves is it possible that my pain is caused by HSV?

2. I know the first outbreak usually occurs on the penis itself in men or in the areas with the most friction. Someone posted it has to be "massaged" into the skin. Since I was wearing a condom and obviously wasn't rubbing my scrotum against the woman besides maybe just bumping it against her is it unlikely that the single bump on the scrotum was an initial outbreak?

3. I read that if you don't already have HSV-1 and contract HSV-2 you're more likely to have a "typical" outbreak with blisters etc. How true is that?

4. Could these symptoms be attributed to another STD like HIV?

5. I read that aches or nerve pains are typically associated with a classic outbreak we are now 5 weeks after exposure I still have the same aches with no classic outbreak. What does this mean?

6. I am 26 years old young and healthy and is it more likely that if I was positive antibodies would have been detected in the IGG test at day 25?

Any other thoughts or info to provide me some anxiety relief would be appreciated.
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You are worrying way too much about herpes here with no evidence at all that infection has occurred.

1. No herpes does not cause nerve pain absent lesions, even then it is quite rare.
2. The scrotum is not a place for a herpes infection. The skin is way too thick and there are few nerve endings.
3. Fully true, you'd know full well if you had a primary herpes infection.
4. No, you are stressing causing muscle and nerve response, clenching things all the time etc.
5. It means this is not related to herpes.
6. About 50% of people infected would test positive within 4 weeks.

You were not infected with herpes so you can move on with confidence.
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Your response has served as a big comfort to me. It's weird how my rational mind already knew that your response would say I shouldn't be worried but then I read all these symptoms online and convince myself that I have something.  Once again I appreciate your response!
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Your mind cannot always be believed. Many men find this with STD related 'scares'.
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Hello again,

So the past couple of days my tailbone area has been kinda sore so today I took an up close look in the mirror and there is a very tiny cut or crack in the skin that looks like it's a vertical paper cut in the upper part of my butt crack right by my tailbone. I didn't take a picture but I found a photo on google that looks almost identical to what I saw in the mirror. The link to that photo is here-https://www.dropbox.com/s/7gq7aa4xk5auokq/image.jpeg?dl=0

Could something like this be a sign of herpes or the "fissures" that some people with herpes describe?

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Well txboy I don't know what to tell you besides go get a blood test if it's been 5 months your test will be conclusive.

Fleetwood20 Any idea if a vertical cut in the skin by the tailbone similar to the picture in the link is what a herpes fissure looks like?
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I think I am going too soon. Guess its just the scared feeling of whats going to happen if it is indeed positive.  
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Well waiting won't change your results. But please make a new thread to discuss your symptoms as I would like Fleetwood to reply to my post and having multiple discussions in one thread gets confusing
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No that does not look like herpes art all. The slits associated with herpes are usually experienced by females and if on males appear on the penis. They are dry slits.
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Thank you for your reply. This site has been a tremendous resource for me while I deal with the anxiety leading up to my test.  I would be going crazy right now if it wasn't for you!
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