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Is this truly genital herpes?

Hello, so in late November of 2021 I had Covid pretty bad. A few days after I had gone out and had been woken up by a woman that I did not know at a party. I was sleeping on my stomach and felt her put my gentians in either her hand or her mouth. After turning over i did not notice that my genitals were wet but was unsure.
She was very attractive and I saw her the night before, she then kissed my penis and pulled out a condom. After putting it on me she gave me a blow job to get it wet and climbed onto it, after she went up and down a few times I came very quickly. She may have gone up and down 3-4 times before doing so. I don’t recall ever seeing any liquid or anything on my shaft or around it.
I instantly got up and walked away to the bathroom where I got a hot wet rag and whipped it off.

Within a few days I felt burning in my general area. I went to “planned parenthood” roughly 7-8 days later where they said I came there too early and their tests didn’t mean much until 2-4 weeks later.

I had gone again about a month later with the same symptoms. They tested me for chlamydia, ghonaria, syphilis, hiv and hepatitis. All came back negative.
They didn’t test for hsv 1 or 2 because they didn’t see anything.

After that I went to another doctor within a few weeks to a month who tested for the same, they did not test for herpes.

So months go by, I begin to feel pain everywhere in my genital area, and I see a urologist. He tells me I’m fine and it’s all in my head. My pain instantly went away.
I read up on it and saw ghsv symptoms and because to stress and feel the pain again.
This time worse so I see an infectious disease doctor. After explaining that I’m having pain she instantly says I have ghsv.

She tests me and I got back three tests. Combination IGM negative. IGG 1/2 positive. 1 - 1.15 and 2 - 1.35.
At the bottom it says anything under 5 may be a low positive and needs reflexes for supplemental testing.
The supplemental test came back negative (seroconversion test)

She gave me valcyclovir 800mg 5 times a day for 10 days.

My symptoms did not go away, however they did get worse towards the end of the medication. In fact o got tremors and more pain in my glutes and inner hamstrings.

We tested again a month later and again after 5.5 months.
The second time we tested I was positive for both again. IGG HSV1-2.07 and HSV2-1.57  again negative supplemental test. I read that symptoms of weakness and numbness may occur and guess what, I eventually got those (within weeks after this test result) she refused to give me a different type of medication. So I went to another infectious disease doctor.

I was in disbelief as it’s been almsot 6 months and I never saw anything. In fact I never saw lesions or anything my whole life. And was confused, I thought maybe it was Covid… that I had three days before the exposure.
The third test came back, now 5.5 months out. Negative test for hsv-1 and positive hsv2-1.31
Again a negative supplemental test..

This new doctor has said I do not have either and that she is not going to give me medication.

She has told me that seroconversion would have happened and hsv wouldn’t cause the pain I’m having. I have constant burning all over my body and tail bone pain. My glutes hurt from sitting too long and the neuropathy is unbearable most days. I may lose my job soon due to the pain I’m constantly in..

Does anyone believe I have or don’t have this?

One doctor says I do and the other says I don’t. They are both well known in my area as well.
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So apparently your doctors don't know enough about herpes. Your tests are very low positives, and could be false positives.

The cut off range for positives is 1.10, but all experts and the CDC say that anything under a 3.5 needs to be confirmed.

Per the CDC STD Treatment Guidelines, which your doctor should be following:


"Because of the poor specificity of commercially available type-specific EIAs, particularly with low index values (<3.0), a confirmatory test (Biokit or Western blot) with a second method should be performed before test interpretation. Use of confirmatory testing with the Biokit or the Western blot assays have been reported to improve accuracy of HSV-2 serologic testing (459)."

(That says 3.0, as they recently changed it from 3.5, but most experts say 3.5. In any case, you are well below either.)

The chances that yours are a false positive are probably 85-90%. You can get a Western Blot test, either through your doctor, or you can go through Terri Warren, but you'll have to self-pay with Terri, and it's expensive.


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Thank you for your response.
My doctor told me that the labcorp seroconversion test should have come back positive within the 6 months that it’s been. And because it hasn’t, there is no true worry. I am afraid that my current partner will get it…
I am in Pennsylvania and have seen several doctors for this. They have all said the western blot test does not exist. Though I have told them I have read about it and have seen the test offered on the internet.
I took the matter into my own hands and received the test kit.
My doctors have told me they are not going to sign for it to be done.
Now I am in a situation.
Wow. Just... wow.

You can do a video consult with Terri Warren for $100, and she can work with you to get the WB test done, which you might as well, since you have it. Chances are really good that you have a false positive IgG, but talk to Terri if you can afford it.

I'm really sorry you're going through this.
Thank you! I am definitely going to reach out!
Thank you, Auntijesse! Just made an appointment
You're welcome! Keep me posted.
Auntiejessi I have news, my test results came back negative. I do not have either HSV 1 or 2. I wanted to say thank you for your positivity through all of this. I have prayed and have had you and your comments on my mind ever since your first response. I wanted to say thank you for everything as you have helped me get through this. I have accepted the fact that I have hsv 1/2 and just hoped that I didn’t and prayed that if I did that I could find the strength to handle it.

I am going to try to be active and supportive on posts for those who have it, as the last 6 months i whole heartedly believed that I did. You know how people say others will never know what it’s like to be someone without being in their shoes? Well I was in those shoes for 6 months. And I will never look at herpes and people who have it the same. I can cry right now..

You have been wonderful. Would you mind if I made a new post with my story so people could read it and gain knowledge and hope as well?
Congrats!! I'm so happy for you. :)  I mean, I kinda knew it, but confirmation is a wonderful thing. I do hope you let your doctor know. ;)

Sure, you can make a new post if you want. People will also read this one, too. Do what makes you happy. And FEEL FREE to answer questions. I'd love it.

I hope you had an amazing weekend celebrating this news. :)

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