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Is this urethral herpes?

Hello all, I need some help as my doctor and I are confused as to my condition. Or perhaps if anyone has a similar situation.

I will do an outline if it's easier...

12/5 unprotected sex

12/10 begin to have frequency to urinate

12/12 frequency continues and slight irritation at inside urethra tip, go to doc for blood and urine, doc thinks staph infection, gives me azithro

12/14 frequency to urinate goes away, but irritation persists, results all negative (HSV, HIV, gon, chlam, etc)

12/17 finish azithro, feeling a bit better, so i masturbated, then irritation inside tip came back

12/18 doc prescribed bactrim, suggested i use monistat around the head too in case of fungal infection

12/25 felt better, back to normal for 5 days, never any pain while peeing

12/30 i masturbated and a day later the irritation slowly came back

1/4 same constant irritation is back, and i see inside urethra there is a white spot looks like canker sore

2/12 irritation still there, go to doc, gives me 10 day course of doxy... thinks it's recurring meatitis, dismisses the idea of herpes saying herpes inside would hurt to pee

2/17 - on day 5 of doxy, still feel the same

2/22 - done with doxy, still feel the same

2/25 - still feel the same, went back to doc, more urine blood test for gon, chlam, HSV, HIS, syph, etc all negative... doc thinks maybe prostatitis, gives me 10 day supply of Cipro 500mg

did i test too soon for HSV? if it was HSV wouldn't the sore go away by now? it's been 6 weeks... i guess i'm just looking for advice, or if anyone else has had sores or ulcers inside the urethra and if there are other STDs that could cause it or where i go from here. this sore has now lasted 2 months, is that normal for HSV?
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Yes, it's early to test for hsv, but it doesn't sound like what this is. Reading through your symptoms, I thought prostatitis, like your doctor did. Google prostatitis or chronic pelvic pain syndrome and see if that fits. Has your doc done a prostate exam?

Herpes sores in your urethra would be PAINFUL, and the sores would have gone away by now, like you said.

Continue to work with your doctor on this, or ask to be referred to a urologist.

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thanks for your response. my most recent test was 2/25 so almost 3 months in, i guess i'll go back in a couple more months then

no prostate exam has been done, he actually said it would be dangerous

i guess my question is... what else could cause this sore on the very inner tip of the urethra? i believe that's where all the irritation is coming from
I don’t know what the sore is. Have you shown it to the doctor?

Why would doing a prostate exam be dangerous? I’ve never heard that before outside of suspecting cancer, which obviously isn’t a concern here.
well unfortunately i'm still dealing with this problem. i did show the PCP the white sore, he said it could be yeast or HSV. i've tried anti fungal, anti virals, and the irritation is still there. i was referred to a Urologist and he took a look said everything thing looks normal, he thinks prostatitis. i had taken in May a 10 day course of cipro, just recently i took a 7 day course of flagyl, not really any improvement. had the 'sore/ulcer' area swabbed, all negative
I'm sorry you're still dealing with this. Google CPPS or chronic prostatitis. It can be really tricky.

I hope you find some relief soon, and that your cultures were negative.
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