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Just Struggling with Denial and Sun Exposure

Grace - I had a 36.7 on my HSV results - an IgG test.  I did develop swelling and burning and it got worse in the sun in México and here in Texas. Two questions. That seems like a very high number.  Does this higher number have any significance?  Do you think my issue could be anything other than herpes 1?  Does anyone ever test that high and NOT have it?  I haven't had a swab test because I never really had any blisters. I seem to be having intermittent occurrences related to sun but I never really get a blister.  Just in case, my provider put me on Valtrex and a very annoying cream that make my lip sweat.  I am also using beeswax, l-lysine ointment and taking a l-lysine supplement desperate to decrease these symptoms. I also kissed a man when it seemed like my lips were at a stage when my lips were just chapped.  I felt the next day it was all gone, then the sun exposure.  Based on looking at the pictures I saw online, didn't have bright red lesions and oozing, ever.  Any thoughts?

Second question - is there anyway to protect a current outbreak from the sun.  A hat, shade and sunscreen on my lips did not help me.

Sincerely grateful and stressed, Tracy
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Hi Tracy, Grace rarely visits here but we can help. Firstly the topical lip valtrex cream has not been shown to be effective as herpes meds are ingested and go into the bodys system through the blood which in turn inhibit reproduction internally.
Also if youve not had an actual lip blister that scabbed over your lip irritation may not be herpes related.
In all likelhood  you have hsv1 oral from childhood and the only real number that means anything is any number above 3.5 which excludes the false positive . AThe sun is the only real known cause of outbreaks.
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