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Lesions on buttocks, herpes or something else

Hi All,
I had unprotected sex (stupid I know) with a female that I know and she said is clean, nothing to worry about. There was no oral sex just penetration. I didn’t see anything on her skin, like obvious outbreak.  She didn’t touch my butt or play with it.   Ten days later i looked at my bottom to check if I get anal fissure, I get them once in a while, and saw a red spot half inch diameter, right next to my anus, doesn’t hurt, itch or anything, It’s a little raised. It could be there for a long time. For more then a week it didn’t change. I put some anti fungal cream for couple of days but no change so I let it go. When look closely it looked like small lunar craters next to each other.  Couple of days later it looks raw and more inflamed. Cleaned it with alcohol, it burned for a second, then put some lamisil to see if it will change anything.
If she has hsv2 and we have sex can an outbreak appear anywhere around genitals, or appears from where the virus gets in the body?
Thanks for any comments you have
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Typically, when you get an initial outbreak of herpes, it will appear at the site of infection, though that's not a hard rule.

Herpes infects nerve groups, and genital herpes infects the sacral ganglia. This means that you could get an outbreak anywhere in the boxer shorts area.

I think you should get this checked out. I'm not convinced it's herpes, and it's definitely not syphilis (at least not from this encounter - it takes at least 3 weeks for a syphilis sore to appear). It could be ringworm (not actually a worm, but the same fungus family that causes jock itch).

Since it's lasted this long without change, it's not likely to be herpes, but if the doctor thinks it is, ask for a type specific IgG herpes blood test. Don't let them do an IgM test - it's unreliable for adults and should only be done on newborns.

If it's positive now, it's a pre-existing infection. (If it says positive for type 1, that's a pre-existing oral infection most likely, as about half the adult population has it, and 90% will never get symptoms, like cold sores or fever blisters.)

If it's negative now, test again at 4 months. It can take that long to develop antibodies, though most will by 4 months.
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Thanks for your response. I tested for everything on April, all negative but positive for hsv1. Haven’t been with anyone till this last encounter. Never had any outbreak on my lips, didn’t know I have hsv1.  If it is initial outbreak will it hurt and itch or that is not necessarily true? Ive read some people had an outbreak which didn’t bother them at all so they never checked it and a year later get it on the same spot very painful. Than they get it checked and turns out to be  hsv2.
I know timing is very important when I have to check potential outbreak, the first couple of days, otherwise could be false negative. It’s too late for me to check it since it’s been 10 or more days.
I guess I have to wait to find out.
Also I checked what ringworms look like and I don’t see a specific kind of ring outlined the sore but there are some pics that are close to it. Will apply some cream and see how it goes.
Thanks a lot for your input, you are highly appreciated
Since you have hsv1 already, if you get hsv2, it won't be a true primary encounter where you don't have antibodies for either type. Primary outbreaks are usually severe and quite painful.

Since you have hsv1 already, if you get hsv2, your symptoms may be milder.

Yes, it's probably too late to get your sores swabbed. It would be tricky anyway, since you don't have a blister. If more sores appear, get in to be seen within 48 hours, preferably, and ask for a PCR swab. PCR swabs are far more sensitive than regular cultures, and can often isolate the virus even without blisters present.

Ten days with no change is on the long side, especially since this wouldn't be a primary for you. If it lingers more than a couple of more days, I'd suggest getting it checked.

I’ll definitely go check it if a new sore shows up.
Since yesterday I’m applying jock itch cream and it appears that goes away. I’m not ruling out hsv, but at the moment I cannot do anything but wait. I’ll do blood test in few weeks,  and then on 14-15 week mark another one and let you know what the value is .
I’m hoping it’s not hsv. Reading what you wrote on other posts, the chance to get it from single encounter is not that much, which relaxes me a bit. Of course I see there are some people that are not that lucky, and get it from single exposure even without and sores present.
I talked to the girl I was with, and she assured me she is clean, getting tested regularly. She is not sure if she was testing for hsv, probably not, but she will ask her doctor.  
I'm happy to hear it's getting better with the cream.

Keep us posted on what you find out. If your partner wasn't tested for herpes, and it's a good chance she wasn't, she should ask her doctor for a type specific IgG herpes blood test.

Yes, getting herpes from a one-time encounter where no sores are present is unlikely. Of course it's possible, but the odds are with you for sure.

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