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Looking to get some insight can you help?

So here it goes...Before I stepped into my previous relationship I went and got a 10 panel test. Everything negative. Before committing to my gf at the time I wanted to make sure we were both healthy so she also got tested and came back negative. She has a history of terrible yeast infections so there were times where we couldn’t engage in any type of sexual activity for a week or so which never bothered me because she had previously shared that before we got really serious. When we did sleep together, it was regularly unprotected and We unfortunately broke up in May.. I went to get 10 panel tested in August everything negative.

Around this time I was moving, and working a good amount so I was unable to actively date or anything. I started to notice some irritation on my inter thigh and groin region and immediately freaked out. Asked my Ex to get tested again, she did.. negative... After reading everything online I decided to wait to get tested for HSVI and GHSVII seeing as it wouldn’t show up on a blood test until 13 weeks or so.

I went and got tested at the last week of Nov. still during this time I was monitoring my minor rash as it wasn’t bothering me ALL that much but I was worried about HSVI and HSVII. My full test came back negative, I asked my PA if I should be worried and she said ‘you’ve been careful and you’ve been tested don’t stress about it’.... okay so fast forward just last week to be as proactive as possible I went and got a LabCorps test to make sure I was in the clear... Negative for HSVI(.4.4)... I’ve been in a bit of panic since this and I don’t know what to do. I’ve read that with a test in the range of 3.5-6.0 it is confirmed, although it’s not the highest index or anything. But in rare cases has shown up to be negative with the WB test or supplemental test. Is it time to immediately get on anti virals to suppress or should I wait to take another test and confirm my index or infection? Any advice is strongly appreciated. Ty for your time :)
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So you got a 0.4 - am I understanding that correctly? Or did you get a 4.4?

If you got a 0.4, you are clearly negative, and don't need to test at all again.

If you got a 4.4, that's positive, and is most likely oral. The hsv1 IgG test can miss about 30% of infections, so it's possible that your previous tests missed yours earlier. Most people with oral hsv1 never get symptoms, and it's estimated that about half the adult population has it.

This is nothing to freak out about.

Where was this rash you were monitoring?

Let me know more about what your results are - it shouldn't say .4.4, which is what it looks like you typed, and I'll help more.
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I apologize about my typo there auntiejessi the test said ‘>4.4H’ for HSVII, which is a positive. I’ve been doing a bit of research and I have read that HSVI can cause a false positive for HSVII  I’ve definitely had ‘fever blisters’ or canker sores a couple times in my life  but not consistently or to where I’ve taken medication for it. My PCP told me I don’t need meds for them since I rarely got them when I was 20.  

The rash has subsided but there are a couple of dark marks on my inner thigh that look some what like ‘freckles’? I’ve been routinely active and working out(sometimes twice a day) during this time so I was bit concerned it might be ‘jock itch’ but it has not presented itself in that type of pattern. I’m confused because I’ve had sensitive skin all my life but now I just don’t know what to attribute this to. I’ve experience no pain while urinating nor have I felt flu like symptoms. But I am terrified right now.

I’m extremely paranoid at this point I do want to take the time to thank you for replying and helping me out here this means a lot.
I’m 26M and I’ve reviewed my previous post and I meant to put. Negative for HSVI( 4.4H)... now you can see why I’m going off the rails.

Could what you talked about previously with the HSVI show up as a false Positive for HSVII but I still be positive for HSVI?!

Once again apologizing for the typos*
The post keeps editing my numeral text but

HSVI (4.4)
HSVII(> 4. 4 H)

Is how the post should read
Yeah our site doesn't like the less than and greater than signs that much.

Hsv1 can cause a false positive for hsv2, but other things can, too. There are some people who get them because of a protein in the blood. It looks like you don't have hsv1, but that doesn't mean you don't have a false positive for hsv2.

Canker sores - white sores that appear IN the mouth - are not herpes. Blisters that appear on the lips are usually fever blisters/cold sores are hsv1. Whether or not you have that really doesn't matter. It could help explain a false positive, but thee are loads of people who get a false positive and don't have hsv1. False positives can happen over 3.5 if someone doesn't have symptoms, and a rash of unknown origin isn't really a symptom.

Since your partner was negative, and you had negative previous tests, I'd recommend a western blot test. You can get that with Terri Warren at https://westoverheights.com/getting-a-herpes-western-blot/ It's not particularly easy, and it's definitely expensive. Your doctor can also order it, but your insurance may not pay for it. :(
I’m definitely willing to get the WB just to be sure, but I don’t want to jump the gun and spend the $400 without necessity to be honest..should I see a dermatologist first and test again with the igg and igM ?? I’ve been doing an extensive amount of reading and although it is above the 3.5 I’ve seen a good amount of evidence to support at least doing some further testing in terms of false positive. Especially since I’ve been negative with the previous test.

I know the virus can remain dormant and also effects everybody differently... but I have a friend who tested positive for HSVI and he was in REAL pain for nearly 2 weeks ... I’ve never had an STD so I don’t know what that pain feels like. But I can definitely say I haven’t felt anything painful enough to go an urgent care during the day or something I’m just overly worried at this point.

I refuse to date or pursue anything until I clear this up, you are super helpful aunt jessi and I cannot say it enough. Please let me know what you think, thanks again :)!!
Whatever you do, don't get an IgM. That's a useless test, and shouldn't be done on anyone except newborns.

If you want to get another IgG, that's fine, but you may end up with a similar result and it may not clear anything up. If you get a negative IgG, will that really ease your mind, or will you wonder about the one positive you got? I'm still not sure why you tested again after the Nov test. That was conclusive.

If it makes you feel better to do another IgG, then do that, but only if you'll be able to accept it if it's negative. I'm not sure you would be, or you'd have accepted your Nov tests as conclusive, but you'd know better than I would.

I totally understand that the WB is ridiculously expensive. All told, it will likely end up more than $400, so cost is always a consideration. I can't tell you what to do, but if you can't afford the WB right now, then try an IgG again.
I guess seeing that high index and dealing with my skin rash had raised a great bit of concern for me also it didn’t help that I haven’t seen my PCP in sometime and I’ve just been researching and taking the word of the Lab consultants in terms of how these positive test usually read. I’m willing to trust your expertise and advice on this matter, just a bit of rough patch for me so thank you for your patience.

I’m going to schedule an appt. today  with a dermatologist to cover my bases one last time. But if you say with confidence that this one positive result is not the end all be all I will lean towards that.

You have been so much help Jessi I truly can’t thank you enough, I understand this isn’t the worst thing in the world but it is scary getting to the bottom of all these preconceived notations. I will be in contact !!
Do you still have the rash? I don't think you do, but if you do, ask them to culture the rash, or biopsy it, or whatever they feel is best. That's the best way to determine what it is. Even a positive blood test won't tell you if your rash is herpes.

How long did you have the rash? If it was longer than a week or 10 days, it wasn't herpes.

I understand it's scary, but whatever happens, you'll be fine. Even if you have herpes, you'll be fine. :)
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