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Losing an eye to herpes?

I have additional problems now

Still not sure if it's herpes, but I got tingling legs, sharp pain in the legs (now gone for a long while), and occasional random sores on my buttocks, perineum, or near anus

Now I get what appears to be dry eyes on my one eye, it's like sand in my eye, eye turns red, tearing, pain when exposed to bright light. after taking a nap for a few hours, it's still apparent. compressing with wet cloth helps alleviating it a bit for a short while, only to come back. It's been happening all day long

I'm scared, is all this herpes infection? Will I lose my eye?
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Please visit a doctor for proper diagnosis of your eye (and other) issues.  You have been unduly concerned with no-risk and extremely low-risk events for herpes for over a year.  I don't know where or how you think you got ocular herpes, but if you have eye irritation, it needs to be examined by a qualified doctor for diagnosis and treatment, regardless of what it is.
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Totally agree with this. Dry, irritated, scratchy eyes can be from all kinds of things - allergies, dust, or even a condition called dry eye. None of these are associated with herpes.

You are overly concerned with herpes. It's not nearly what you think it is. Please see an eye doctor to evaluate your eyes, and definitely talk to your doctor about your anxiety. I say that with compassion, not criticism. There are anxiety treatments that can help, including therapy and/or medication.
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