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Mild Herpes?


About two months ago I had unprotected oral with a female we also had protected vaginal sex. It was a one night stand and I regret it a lot. Maybe a week or so after that I felt generally run down, my penis was itchy, testicles hurt. After masturbating I looked at my penis and found little red bumps that seemed to disappear the next day and sometimes reappear after masturbating. I woke up one morning and the head of my penis felt a lot of pain. I went to a clinic the doctor looked at it and told me she didn't suspect anything.

I got tested, I know that it was much too soon to be tested, maybe a week or two after the encounter. The doctor told me that she believed that a lot of my symptoms were due to anxiety. When it comes to my genitals and things being itchy and red I do get very anxious. The test was neg on everything.

Almost 2 months after that I began to have severe constipation. Then it burned a little bit when I urinated. Then it burned a lot when I urinated. (I was maybe masturbating pretty frequently before the burning sensation began.) Every once in awhile my penis is mildly itchy. I had a rash on my penis that was itchy and didn't look abnormal and went away in a few days. I went to a doctor because my abdomen hurt and the burning while urinating did not stop. He believed I might have prostatitis and gave me naproxen and doxycycline.

I tested negative for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and UTI

during the digital rectal exam he touched my prostate and I felt a lot of pain in the tip of my penis. Its been a few days on medication now. I haven't been masturbating much but I did earlier today. There was an area on the penis that was a little red and after I masturbated I looked at it. It appears that there are tiny tiny bumps in a cluster on that area. They are super small and to see them you have to look at the penis from the side with a light. I hadn't noticed them before however the shaft of my penis has had a red streak/ patches that seem to come and go since the burning sensation started a week and a half ago.

I'm wondering if there's a chance that these bumps resemble a mild form of herpes. It's possible that some of the other symptoms aren't related to the red patch that has minuscule bumps. I am worried because they appear in a cluster but they're almost invisible to the naked eye.

Could irritation look like that? is there another possibility?  should I stop obsessively searching for herpes?
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Yes there is no need to be considering herpes. Chances of infection are very low per encounter, probably 1 in 5,000 with protected sex of the nature you describe if she did indeed have HSV2 (let's leave HSV1 out of the picture).

Your symptoms are not those of herpes. Your regret is making you look at things in a new light that simply are not there.
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Why would we leave hsv1 out of the picture?
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For two main reasons:
- if you have HSV1 already, then there was no risk to obtaining it genitally
- if you didn't have HSV1, and hence most likely no form of HSV at all, then you'd most likely would have had unmistakeable symptoms of lesions on your penis within a week of infection.
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