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Mild post neuralgia possible?

I'm almost 33, and I've only had a cold sore outbreak about 3-4 times in my life. My most recent one just occurred 2 weeks ago. Before that, the last time I had an OB was nearly 4 years ago, following a very stressful period. The outbreak was really bad though - I had a fever, swollen glands, and I had several blisters and ended up going to urgent care to get Valtrex. However, this most recent outbreak, I only had one cold sore, but as soon as it popped up, I ended up getting a Valtrex prescription and took it for a week, and have not had another outbreak since.

Since I had this cold sore, I've been getting weird burning/tingling senstations around my mouth...mainly where I had the cold sore. My eyelids feel a little dry off and on too. It comes and goes, but it freaks me out and has really caused me anxiety. My brother is a doctor and he told me I could be experiencing mild post neuralgia. Can this really happen with such a small outbreak?
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Hi, post neuralgia is caused by herpes but not hsv, its caused by Zoster which is shingles. Shingles can be very stressful on the body.
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Thanks...do you think this is something serious or maybe just a stress reaction?
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Stress is a known factor in reoccuring outbreaks. Did the valtrex help?
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Yes, I haven't had another outbreak since my most recent cold sore dried up.  Right now it's still a bit pink, and you can still see where it was, but that's about it.  I'm just left with the on/off tingling and weird sensation.
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Since herpes travels up the nerve to the surface, tingling is a very common issue.
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So can hsv cause remaining tingling sensation or only herpes zoster
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no reason to think this is PHN. Your symptoms do not sound like it.

Keep your lips moisturized - that should help with the lip symptoms you are still experiencing.

The cold sore dose for valtex is a one day dose- 2 grams twice. No need to pay for medicine for a full week since there isn't any increased benefit to taking the medication longer.

your eye symptoms do not sound herpes related at all. Not unusual at all this time of the year to have those sort of mild eye symptoms.


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