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Molested at young age ( 9 ) now bumps showing at age (19)

So I masturbate quite often, 3 times a week at the most and for a few years now Ive noticed that random places, I will get bump like pimples that show up on vagina. They do pop and go away and sometimes gets itchy. And if I don't shave or masturbate they completely go away and wont come back until I do either of the two.
( note: they aren't really in clumps like Herpes is, if I get like 3 bumps they are spread apart and turn into pimple like things. I know....gross )

So what is this?

This wouldn't be herpes would it? I'm 19 and a virgin and have never performed any acts of sex (or oral) except when I was 9 I was molested. I'm scared of the possibilities of it being herpes but Ive never had a problems until I got older and started masturbating and shaving so I don't know.

Please help
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1490044 tn?1288298257
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it's best to be seen when you have these the next time to see what they are. they could be just from irritation , they could be fordyce spots that are occassionally more prominent, ingrown hairs or any number of things.

use a good lube when you masturbate too :)

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