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My GF is on Valtrex. what does this mean?

Hi, A few years ago my girlfriend was sick and laying on the couch all day and was really out of it and seemed to be in a lot of pain. I had never seen her like that. She said she was experiencing stomach problems. I noticed a new prescription bottle for her with the name Acyclovir. I suspected maybe it was causing her stomach problems so I looked it up online. I was surprised to learn that it's primary use was for treating Herpes. I asked her what the medicine was for and she said it was for her stomach issues. I did not fully trust her on that.

I decide to get tested for Herpes. Her and I were together 7 years by this time. I tested positive for Herpes Simplex I (mouth) but was negative for Herpes Simplex II (genital). I was told by the lab that Herpes Simplex I is very common (50-80% of population) and that most people don't know they have it( like me) because they never have symptoms. I have never had cold sores or anything on my mouth. I do often get Canker sores in my mouth but it's my understanding that is not herpes.

Recently (in the last year) I found two more prescriptions for my girl friend, both for Valtrex. I also found a prescription for Ciproflaxin (a powerful antibiotic). As I continue to research these medicines I have a feeling she is not being entirely up front with me. I plan to confront her again on the Valtrex prescription but I wanted to check with experts and see if this medicine is used commonly for anything else other than Herpes. If she did have Herpes I wonder why I would not have gotten it after being with her for 10 years.

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Yes, the Acyclovir and Valtrex are for Herpes. Period.  Both medicines are used to treat HSV1 and HSV2, so just because she has these medicines does not absolutely mean she has HSV2. But if she does have HSV2, then as for you not contracting it, consider yourself very very very very very lucky. And remember this, if she does have HSV2..don't get too mad about it..consider yourself foturnate that you didn't catch it.....
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I will need to get tested again. What is the best type of test to get? Does it have a particular name?

It was three years ago when I was tested and when I first found that she was on Acyclover. I also, watched that prescription bottle and it remained full minus one pill for a year so I always believed her when she said it for the stomach issues that day. In the last 12 months though I have noticed several prescriptions two of which were fully used so I now know she is taking this. Also, in March (right when she was prescribed the latest valtrex) I had some tiny sores/blisters near my anus. I have had hemorrhoids before so I thought it was just that. They went away after a few days and never came back.

OK thanks for the comments and it's time to have the big talk with her. She may be misinformed and think she can only spread it when having an outbreak and thus thought she could keep it a secret. There were periods for 2-3 months where she was not interested in sex and maybe that's why I have been OK thus far. That has happened several times in our relationship. I also hear that since I have Herpes Simplex 1 (oral) that it might offer some immunity to the genital form. Not 100% sure on that though.

I will have the talk and get tested again. thanks!!!!!
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Remember though that you can have Genital HSV1 like I have...

So the reason you haven't got it is cause maybe since you have HSV1 and she has HSV1...  

Also you tested positive for HSV1 but the test will never tell you where it is... cause you said you have never had cold sores, there is a good chance that you may have genital HSV1 and not know it, as genital HSV1 as it is not in it's site of preferance for some people tends to reoccur less and some just get a couple of outbreaks then nothing more...
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Just to clarify, Valtrex and Acyclovir also treat shingles. It's highly unlikely that's what she's taking it for, but I just wanted to clarify verysaddude's post that the two were only for herpes.
My girlfriend said she gets cyst when she shaves so she doesnt. She says the medicine is for when she gets a cyst. She said its not herpes. Is that possible.
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