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Negative Blood Test, Positive Swab

Hello! I’m looking for some clarity on my situation. I recently experienced some itching and what appeared to be a rash down below after vigorous sex with my boyfriend. Just to be thourough, I went and had an STD year done and everything came back negative. When I explained that to my GYN, I was told to put neosporin on the area to let it heal. After a week, I got the results back from the swan and it can back positive for Hsv-2. Not sure how that’s possible when both my partner and I have recently tested negative and he’s not experiencing any symptoms. Any advice would be a great help. I’m planning to follow up with my doctors and get a second round of blood work.
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Your swab result should be taken as definitive. Swabs look for viral dna of the infection and are accurate.
As for your blood test, when you had it done with your std testing are you sure HSV was included? In a standard STD panel, hsv isn’t usually included. Even when people will ask for everything, unless it’s specifically requested, some doctors don’t include HSV.
Also, did your boyfriend have an hsv test? You may want to confirm that both of you had previous hsv tests.
Even without symptoms, hsv can be passed. Many people don’t have any symptoms at all.
Confirm your testing and that of your boyfriend to see if hsv was included and if so, what test was done. IgG? IGM?
Thanks. My STD test did include HSV2. Pretty sure my boyfriend had an HSV included in his as well but he’s going to get tested again this week so I’ll be sure to advise him to ask for that.
Okay that’s good. If you had the initial test performed when the symptoms showed up, then it is recent infection. Your body hasn’t had time yet to build antibodies, which can take up to 12 weeks to develop.
If you haven’t had any other sex partners in the weeks leading up to the symptoms, then your boyfriend is a source.
On the flip side, if he hasn’t had any other partners in the past twelve weeks, his results should be accurate.
The HSV2 IgG is pretty darn accurate but can miss approximately 8% of infections.
Thanks. With that said, should I expect that there’s a good chance for his results to be positive for HSV2...? I know I haven’t had any other partners and my last STD test prior to this most recent one (Late December) was negative for HSV2.
I think that there is a very, very good chance that he is the source. He could have HSV two and have no idea that he has it. I am assuming he hasn’t had any other partners recently, so it could be an older infection. If he’s had any other partners, other than you, in the past 12 weeks, he’ll want to wait until those 12 weeks have passed before he task
*before he tests
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I am not an expert but would like to provide feedback from my own experience.  I was visually diagnosed with herpes in 2008.  No test was done.  My symptoms were minor.  Every year thereafter or sometimes multiple times per year, I would get the full STD panel from STD check with the latest tests for HSV.  I have never had a test come back positive.  Every test came back negative or non-reactive.  Last June had some minor symptoms and had a swab done.  Positive.  So One blood test after still negative.  So in my experience, the swab is definitive and the blood test can be inaccurate.
Thanks for your input! Did the swab come back for HSV1 or HSV2?
Did they test you with the IgG? I know it can miss some infections.
I did not notice that the swab identifies the type.  The person I was with at the time tested positive for HSV1 so I assume that was it.   As for the test, yes it was the IgG test.  Very disappointing that i got tested 8-10 times and it was negative.  
Your doctor should have definitely had the swabbed typed! HSV1 and HSV2 genitally vary significantly in frequency, shedding rates and transmission rates. This is informative that is important to know. It’s so disappointing that doctors don’t know this. They think herpes is herpes and call it a day. It’s not so much that one is better than the other but to protect partners and for your own knowledge, typing should’ve been done. Irritating!
You obviously don’t have to but if you want to call the doctor and find out if the swab you had done back in June was typed, they should be able to let you know. With your mild symptoms and very in frequent outbreaks, it definitely sounds like HSV one. Plus, that is what turned up positive for your than boyfriend. I think it is pretty safe to assume. But you should still inquire for your own sake.
And there’s really no reason to continue blood testing. If you can find out whether or not the swab was typed in what type it is, there’s your answer. But a positive swab, even if it wasn’t tight, is definitive. I GG testing missed a large portion of HSV one infections. Some people will show up on the test and others won’t. It’s just not a good test for HSV one.
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