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Negative Herpes Test Results

This past year I found out my life partner was diagnosed with genital herpes.  I did not have any symptoms but
went for a series of tests, namely the "HSV 1/2 AB (IGM), IFA W/RFL TO TITER" and "HSV 2 IGG TYPE SPECIFIC".  On June 9, July 22, August 18 and December 9, the test were conducted, which all turned out completely negative.  I still do not have any symptoms.    

Is it medically possible that I could have spread genital to my life partner with contracting herpes?  

Unfortunately, my doctor will not answer the question and the internet is filled with crazy talk.  Just looking for an honest assessment and this forum seemed like the best information out there.

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How was your partner diagnosed with genital herpes? Was it a swab of an outbreak?

Note that you have not ruled out the possibility of you infecting him with HSV1 from giving oral sex as an example. Equally many couples bring HSV into a relationship and do not spread it at all in their lifetime together.
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as all your tests were neg and If you have not had an affair then you are not the source. For future reference stay away from igm tests.
Very unreliable with a lot of false positives
I am sorry to hear about your life partner and I hope this helps
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Thank you.
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