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Nuru massage

I am planning to get a nuru massage.i do not intend to do any Vaginal,anal or anal sex.
In order to protect myself I also intend to wear underwear to cover my genitals.
Will there still be a risk for STI sush as HPV or hespes?
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So long as you are wearing underwear, OR your genitals don't come into contact with their genitals, or there is no mouth to genital contact, you're fine.

You need mouth to genital, genital to genital or genital to anal contact to get an STD. STDs also don't travel through clothing. This includes HIV.

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Thanks for your reply
If the lady is not wearing underwear an rubbing genitals on my back /butt should there be any risk for STI like HPV
No, the skin on your back/butt is too thick for any STD to penetrate. Your concern is the mucous membranes, like your penis, anus and the thinner skin around them.

Oh I should add that if you have any cuts or scratches, it could be possible. If the skin is intact, you'll be fine.
Many thanks for your reply
Your comments have cleared the doubts
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