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OK, so that IGG 7 score? No mas.

Hey there --

Yeah, at this point, I know I need the Western Blot. My last test, in a April or something like that, was positive for HSV2. The IGG number was 1.45 this time. I have still had no symptoms. My last test was 7, according to an operator, but now that I'm back to numbers below 2, I'm wondering how true that was. Anyway.

After speaking to a doctor, he thinks that knee area outbreak was shingles. I found out form my mom that she got her shingles outbreak when she was 35.

So, anyway. My last boyfriend and I ended up breaking up before I told him my suspicions. I have yet to have the classic genital herpes breakout, and it's been years now that I've had really low positive tests. And yes, I know I have herpes 1. I had my first cold sore in 2000, and get a recurrence on my lip every three or four years.

So here's the thing. It's been two years of positive HSV2 results. I have yet to have an IGG positive result over 2. My last one was 1.45. I have yet to have an outbreak (that I notice, and believe me, I would notice. I'm one of those girls who has a vagina mirror for years and knows her lady bits very well).

A Western Blot is the key. But apparently you can't get them in NY anymore. The STD clinic in the Bronx, run by Jeffrey Gilbert, no longer does Western Blot because (according to someone at your office) New York State no longer does them because of weird legal hoops to jump thru.

So what do I do?

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You can contact the University in washington state direct and they will walk you through the steps.
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Piffle, did u ever get ur answer?
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