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Odds of false negative Herpes test results if I also never had blisters?

I tested negative for Herpes 1 & 2 at SIX WEEKS post potential exposure from unprotected vaginal intercourse.

My results:
HSV 1 IGG Herpeselect AB = In Range : 0.13
HSV 2 IGG Herpeselect AB = In Range : 0.12

****************** Negative =  1.10

I have had no visible blisters or sores at any point in time.
However I have been experiencing some irritation in my testicle-penis skin for several weeks now.
There is no visible rash or marks but I do feel a burning sensation in the skin and sometimes it seems that more small red blood vessels appear inside the skin than my normal appearance.

I know for piece of mind that I can retest again at the 12 week point BUT with the negative results I currently have at six weeks, plus the fact there's been no sign of herpes blisters at any point, can I comfortably believe that I do not have herpes, and instead spend my limited funds on a doctors appointment to inquire about yeast infection or other possible causes of my irritation.

Thank you for any educated advice.
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One last attempt to properly post reference range:
Below 0.90 is negative.
Between 0.90 - 1.10 is equivocal.
Above 1.10 is positive.
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Hi 8 weeks is a good indicator but you do fall into a low risk group so i dont see this turning into a positive at all. And if she did not have any genital sores at the time your risk is close to zero anyway,
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Yes, she had no visible sores during our intercourse and says she has always been hsv free. No blisters or specific sores have appeared on me at all. I only got tested because I am experiencing some skin irritation with a burning sensation and wanted to be sure it wasn't the result of a herpes infection slowly appearing. I was tested at 6 weeks after we were together, not 8. Do you still think I can feel sure about my results with no real need to retest?

Thank you.
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I'm in a similar boat slept with a girl who has hsv2 and am now at 11 days post encounter and still no signs or symptoms everyday that passes I know it's looking better and better for me. There are so many sti s that u probably have other than herpes u should do more research.
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Actually I've been tested for all of them and am negative. Aside from this skin irritation which may or may not be a result of my sexual encounter, I actually have little reason to believe the woman I was with had herpes either. I've known her for years and for what that is worth felt comfortable enough to throw caution to the wind.

But since I still have an irritation, my only real question was the amount of faith I can put into the IGG herpes test specifically at the 6 week point, especially as I have not shown any common signs like herpes blisters and it's now been a full 8 weeks since the intercourse in question happened.

I just want to know if I should now be focusing my time and limited resources on visiting a dermatologist as opposed to additional herpes tests. I am uninsured and thus have to self pay for all of my medical needs so just want an educated opinion about how confident I can be that I don't need additional herpes testing based on my details.

Good luck to you.
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