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Oral herpes from oral sex on female?

I need help.  I'm a 22 year old male, not sexually active.  About 6 days ago, I was in the back room with an exotic dancer, caucasian approximately 32 years old.  I performed about 45 seconds of unprotected oral sex on her.  Within the next day or two, I began to notice what looks like a pimple break out.  I have one on the corner of my mouth (looks more like dry skin than a pimple, but is extended from my lip), one on my chin that is going away and one that is just forming.  I've never had the best skin in regards to acne, I know it is getting to be spring time, and the sweat and heat may make my skin break out with acne.  I am not really noticing any tingling, burning, or open sores.  I am pretty worried about this, I can't focus on work, friends or anything else.  It was pretty stupid and I don't plan on doing it again.  I want to see if you believe it could be oral herpes or not.  If so, what steps should I take?  Please respond to this post, I am extremely nervous about this situation and do not handle stress well.  Thank you.
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I don't mean to scare you but it could be given the timeline... still it might not be.

Have you seen a doctor? The fact that they haven't broken may be a good sign. Culture testing can confirm what they are if in the early stages.
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Do these look the the pimples you usually get? Pimples aren't cold sores. A cold sore is usually a cluster of small blisters.

A one time encounter is a low risk quite honestly. If it was the next day, it's too soon for herpes symptoms to appear. You can get a swab/culture, but I'd say your worry is based more on guilt than risk.
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After re-reading the post I can agree with petal, the dry skin is most likely not herpes related.

Also, pimples are generally deep-rooted in the skin where herpes blisters manifest on the surface and are "shallow" (- I should note that this may be more opinion than fact, but it's how I view the difference)
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They just look like regular run of the mill acne, nothing really out of the ordinary.  In the past day or two, they've seemed to be going down as well.  No puss, no skin breakage, and like I said, no soreness, itchiness, etc. I've been checking inside my mouth as well and have seen nothing develop.  Thank you both for your posts, and if you have any other information for me or recommendations, I would truly appreciate it.  I know this isn't professional advice, but like I said, I'm a worrier...
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this isn't likely to be std related.  it isn't worth any follow up or testing for at this point. You have a history of skin issues.  You had a brief unprotected oral sex encounter. Odds are this is just run of the mill skin issues and not worth any more worry.

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Thank you.
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