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Oral herpes question

I had kissing exposure yesterday. It is not on lips..we kissed on skin like chest and i licked the nipples of the girl. The girl told me she is safe with the last report she had..while saying good bye i had a small peck on lips may be for 2 seconds. We both were half naked and excepting kissing on face and licking nipples we did not cross the border. My mouth felt very dry for sometime....am i at risk of any stds...please help
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I know her for quite sometime now
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Can someone please help
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I am 100% sure that you are okay :) Don't worry.

Imagine if everyone would worry because of the events you described? :D
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I was more worried about oral herpes. I went through a lot of pain and anxiety a year back. I am safe from oral herpes
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Well, it is definitely a negligible risk.
I can confirm that your dry mouth has nothing to do with stds.
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You are risk-free. You re safe. Nothing has happened.
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All you did was the quick kiss on her lips? No other kissing?

You are not at risk for oral herpes from kissing her chest, and if all you did was very briefly kiss her, I wouldn't worry at all.

I don't know if this will help or hurt, but about half the adult population has oral hsv1. You've quite likely been exposed already. Your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., may all have it. If you share drinks, eating utensils, etc., you can get it. (You are more likely to get a cold or the flu, so don't do this.)

Oral hsv1 is hard to avoid, and in the big picture, not a big deal. If you have some kind of phobia about it, or germ anxiety, talk to your doctor about that for some relief.
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I sucked her nipples and kissed her body a little.  But on lips only quick peck.  We were half naked...i had thoart pain the next day...so i was worried a lot
Pls help @auntiejessi
No kissing on private parts..or anything crazy like that...just lot of kissing on nipples...and neck...on lips only small peck...i dont think it is called a kiss
Yes i also has anxiety and little ocd...i was on medication for 3 to4 months....it happened because of thinking about such incident in the past...i dont want to go there...so i was looking for some assuring answer as my body and heart knows i did not do anything wrong but my brain is messed up
I intentionally made sure i dont kiss on lips...although that quick kiss happened
Also we cuddled half naked for sometime..which i totally fine i guess
I feel like i am getting to anxiety again...even though i learnt from my mistakes and did not anything which i thought is a risk like lip kissing...that quick kiss on lips made me worry....i dont want to go to sleepless nights of crying...suicidal thoughts and all that...please help me
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Please help someone
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Someone please help
Appreciate if someone can help me
I'm in no way expert buddy, but your case is in no way a risk of any std.
You are letting your anxiety blind your common sense. Maybe because you feel guilty I may guess?

Let this go, and maybe a good advice would be not to do anything that will give you regrets and anxiety in the future. Stay safe and move on.
Even oral herpes
I agree i have anxiety...i agree i wont do it again....god save me this last time
Yes i am guilty to as i am doing this thing second time
Ok my friend. Then you are dealing with guilt and anxiety, and sometimes when we feel guilt we think that we deserve consequences for what we have done.

Fortunately for you, you had a totally insignificant exposure from your decision, you won't get oral herpes for that, and if everything on the universe goes on the wrong side, you will join the 60% of the population on the planet. But it is NOT the case. Move on, seek God, stay safe.

Really appreciate your time and effort to help me understand this...thanks a lot...i owe you a lot
I totally agree with HConcerned.

You had no risk for anything. Please consider talking to your doctor about your anxiety. Your reaction to this, even with guilt factored in, is way out of proportion to the event.
Thanks....so i believe no oral herpes testing required
Correct. No risk = no test needed.
Is there no risk even if she has oral herpes.  Also. There are risk of any other stds with my act
I mean...are they any risk for other stds with my act
There is no risk for anything. It doesn't matter what she may have - you have no risk for any STD from what you describe.

None. No need to test at all for any STD or HIV or anything.

You're fine.

If the anxiety doesn't stop, please talk to your doctor about your anxiety. That seems like a bigger issue than anything, and there is help for it.
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