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Oral herpes

I had performed  oral  sex to a sex worker and after 1 week exactly i had a sore on my lip on the middle small sores  i thought it was a mosquito bite.i wasnt sick or anything was feeling okay but after 3 days i heard my head aching but the sores were healing becoz i was putting vaseline but today woke up my throat sore
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Herpes rarely goes from the genitals to the mouth. Did your partner have any genital sores?

Have you seen a doctor? You really should. I'd be surprised if it's herpes if it looks like a mosquito bite, but clearly, you have some kind of illness and should be seen by your doctor. If he thinks it's herpes, see if he can do a PCR swab on the sore. Stop putting vaseline on it so they can swab it and get accurate results. Don't let them visually diagnose you with herpes - that's often an incorrect diagnosis.

Let us know what happens.
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