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Oral tonsillitis

Hi a week ago I had oral sex virginal & analinggus with a girl 2 days ago I had tonsillitis with white puss swollen & painful I went too my gp he diagnosed it saying its tonsillitis bacterial infection he prescribed me with pencillin antibiotics but I'm still scared oral herpes hsv
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Tonsillitis doesn't look like herpes. Your doctor would be able  to tell the difference.

Did he do a throat culture for strep or other bacteria?

I hope you feel better.
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No he just looked at it with a torch and said you have tonsillitis and prescribed me with antibiotics what test can I do for this symptom
I would give the antibiotics some time to work, because tonsillitis is pretty easy to identify, and I'd be surprised if the doctor got this wrong. It's very common, and your doctor has probably seen it 1000 times.

If it's not better by Monday, follow up with your doctor and ask for a throat swab for herpes and strep.

It is very unlikely that you got anything from giving oral sex to a female.

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